What is Vault RP'ing?

I was in VentMob’s RP server,, in RP_EvoCity_v2d and an admin says:

“Want to VaultRP? I have some spots left”
Everyone was excited about it, i asked about what it was, and no one responded. Can anyone explain it to me?

The only game I know that involves vaults is Fallout 3. So, (supposedly) I think he’s referring to FO3…

Or some bullshit attempt at FO3 roleplay.

Vault RP is where every person RPing is given a reality check, in that they are sat at their computers in their own little ‘vault’.

Borderlands :smiley:

Might be FO3 Rp, but just the “Vault” part of the world. rp_csc_desert prob

In Evocity there is a lab. You RP in that lab like Fall out 3 except it is more open ended. Also, Aide sounds like a person who got banned from the server and is bitching.