What is water used for?

I know having a high food bar high helps your health regeneration. What about water bar any idea?


Nothing right now

They’ve added silencers though, not a working thirst and hunger system -_-

We need an EA butthurt category. We all agreed to the disclaimer.

Water is needed for survival, pretty much that. I am not sure if I am correct but it seems that water is drained faster than hunger is while running. I am not sure. Go ahead and call me a fart if I am wrong.

Weaponmods where highly requested by the playerbase, more than thirst and hunger system.

The less you are thirsty the faster you regenerate your health. They use the same mechanic with camp fires. It can’t be that hard to implement right? :slight_smile:

You might say there was, a thirst, for weapon mods…

I think the current system of health and food works fine, or at least at a level that’s acceptable at this point. I’d much rather see a plethora of weapon mods introduced reminiscent of the legacy days.