What is with the red and yellow Breen soda cans?

Lately I have been wondering, why is there a yellow and red Breen soda can? What is the origin of the materials? I have never seen them in Hl2 or any of the episodes. Hell there isn’t even color matched vending machines. Where these unused materials or custom content from Garry?

I think I remember seeing some in Half Life 2, I could just be going insane, though.

Custom content, I believe.

Back before the update, I don’t remember having those cans.

Yeah, I played the older Gmod before OB and I don’t recall them ether

They’ve always been there.

They can be seen in Episode 2 I believe.

Hmm, really? What level?


They’re unused content from HL2, just load it up, point the crosshair at the can, then type this in the console:
‘ent_fire !picker skin 2’
Or this:
‘ent_fire !picker skin 3’

Oh I see, thanks. I will be sure to try it, I think they should of used it.

Maybe they’re the diet and fruit punch flavored version of Dr Breen’s private reserve.

Dr Breen may be long gone but he’ll live on in his canned drinks.

Hahah, I never thought of flavors for Breen’s soda

I thought they were just colored water…