What is wrong with DarkRP?

I might get tracked down and killed for saying this, but what is actually wrong with DarkRP? It’s amazingly coded and alot of fun on serious servers. Sure, there are people ruining it and cancerous kids everywhere, but that makes the servers bad not the gamemode. Maybe it’s just one of those things where people say that something sucks just to fit in or because they are scared of saying what they really think.

I agree with you. I ran a DarkRP server a while back and we aimed to be “Not Awful” like the majority of populated servers. DarkRP was fun, but over the years its become a mess of Donate4Fun and killing each other.

You’re right, there’s nothing bad about DarkRP. It’s an incredible gamemode. The issue is the lack of innovation in servers, I mean look at Braxnet RP, one of the most revolutionary versions of DarkRP I’ve ever seen. How many players does it have on average? Maybe 8 on a good day. Getting the average DarkRP player to actually try new and innovative things is hard, especially when they can just get instant gratification by donating to some server and getting their own custom job and rank.

Yea pretty much every server nowadays is donate for lightsaber and instakill people, even found a server where you can pay 60 dollars for superadmin, my server is not pay2win in any way as I have no need for money I just want nice players, I have spent 170+ dollars on my serious DarkRP server but nobody plays on it bcuz they want lightsabers and rdm not roleplay.

And despite the fact that the kiddies clearly want deathmatch, dedicated game modes for such (outside sandbox) get a solid o players.

Yep so true, and purge is just a script to have a reason to RDM or raid without adverting.

So help Braxen out and contribute to growing a playerbase for him. Because he definitely deserves it. We’re trying to help him out right now and have filled his server a few times and gotten him shouted out on a lot of communities. Ever so slightly his “natural” daily peak is rising. If everyone keeps on pushing for him then he’ll win at the end of the day.

It’s terribly coded and there really isn’t a such thing as serious servers unless you count the ones that force you to /advert shit or enforce fearrp and other retarded nonsense. The playerbase is largely cancer and 99% of the servers are a pasted mess of scrptfodder and workshop shit. Servers like Braxnet or mine have to watch those pasted balls of cancer either compete or do better then the years of work put into our own servers. That is why the gamemode is shit.

DarkRP a is well coded for how many diverse situations and backwards compatibility it has to cover. Sure, things like the Haskall-styled fn library are hard to read and there are a few bottlenecks in FPP, but for being a general gamemode that has been around for many years, it’s polished.

Yea, It’s totally not “terribly coded”. I bet u would’nt be able to make anything close to it StonedPenguin.

He has, but it’s only for a single community which is a much different situation. They’re not really comparable.

It has less players than DarkRP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/rp.superiorservers.co:27015/ ?

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Players don’t matter anyway when it comes to code quality. I’ve seen great gamemodes get little to none because it’s not in the sphere of regularly populated servers.

Yea I was joking

Um, I joined SuperiorServers and saw nothing different from DarkRP, only a custom HUD and map. Also got rdmed by some guy when I explored the map 5 mins after joining. So they are comparable, It’s just regular DarkRP not custom coded gamemode. And still he is calling it terrible? xD

Sort of the problem that I see with gamemodes, and the problem that I ran into with my own gamemodes is that the GMod community seems to expect people to just show up and play things if they’re good? If that doesn’t happen with actual games why do people expect otherwise from gamemodes? Word of mouth only gets you so far, you have to work to be popular. You need exposure and an audience.

It actually is a completely different gamemode internally; it’s just put in DarkRP for the player count.

I have nothing against DarkRP, it is a decent gamemode but it is not run well.like those above me have said; servers enforce shitty rules (FearRP, advert before raid) and its usually Pay 2 Win as everybody thinks that they will be able to make money off Garry’s Mod. But these cases are not limited to DarkRP, many other gamemodes have the same problem.

Gameplay is not strict, requires rules.

If you need to have more than 5 rules you’ve fucked up.