What is wrong with this Mayor code?

attempt to call field ‘createJob’ (a nil value)

Put the code in [lua][/lua] tags.

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This code was made by Codingbeast

TEAM_MAYOR = DarkRP.createJob("Mayor", {
        color = Color(150, 20, 20, 255),
        model = "models/player/breen.mdl",
        description = [[The Mayor of the city creates laws to govern the city.
        If you are the mayor you may create and accept warrants.
        Type /wanted <name>  to warrant a player.
        Type /jailpos to set the Jail Position.
        Type /lockdown initiate a lockdown of the city.
        Everyone must be inside during a lockdown.
        The cops patrol the area.
        /unlockdown to end a lockdown]],
        weapons = {},
        command = "mayor",
        max = 1,
        salary = GAMEMODE.Config.normalsalary * 1.89,
        admin = 0,
        vote = true,
        hasLicense = false,
        mayor = true,
        PlayerDeath = function(ply)
                if ply:Team() == TEAM_MAYOR then
                        ply:changeTeam( TEAM_CITIZEN, true )
                        for k,v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
                                DarkRP.notify(v, 1, 4, "The mayor has been killed!")