What is your favorite DarkRP map?

I don’t know what map to add to my DarkRP server. And I don’t want to just have the same version of downtown that every single DarkRP server ever has.
So what is your favorite DarkRP map besides downtown?
And if you don’t know of any other maps, what is your favorite version of downtown?

RP_Downtown_V4c’s OK… Has a bit more streets but totally removed the underground plus if I recall has some stolen architecture.

RP_Bangclaw is often used for basewars-like RP but is criticized a bit for being a bad attempt at a construction-like RP map.

rp_cscdesert or what ever the hell it’s called is really only good for apocalyptic RP’s.

RP_Evocity_(variation) is arguably one of the most popular non-downtown maps. Huge ass file size though and one version has a cave that crashes your game when you go in it.

RP_Appoclypse is again, only good for Apocalyptic RPs.

RP_Downtown_V2 is one of if not the most popular variation. Somewhat lacking in the size department (No dick joke intended.).

^Just some maps I can think of off the top of my head.

I know I’ve been told off for bitching about dumb ratings, but I fail to see how this post is dumb…


I prefer rp_downtown_v4c_v2 or rp_downtown_v4e_fix