What is your favorite gamemode?

So do you like TTT or game-modes like it??
Do you like any game-mode for Garry’s Mod??
Do you prefer a Role-Play such as Perp or DarkRP??
What kind of people do you want in your games??

It’s all up to you this could be a resource for others on what to host and all that…

This is more like a project i guess, people will look at this and probably realize that the game-mode they are hosting needs something added or etc…

Post you comments… :slight_smile:

P.S. If your curious on why i put TTT first my server runs TTT at

P.S.S. please move this mods if i put this in wrong place, i didn’t honestly know whether it went here or in the Game-Modes Thread.

Sandbox. Though I haven’t played gmod in like a year. I played some fretta in beta about 2 years ago and liked some games there. I’m just lost though.

Deathrun and Zombie Survival.


Deathrun, Zombie survival and PeRP

SpaceBuild 3


Deathrun , PERP , TTT , Sandbox

Sandbox. It’s the most fun.

Let the boxes come, but DarkRP.

TTT, TTT, TTT, TTT, uh… TTT… Oh, and whats that other one? Oh yeah. TTT.

I like zombie survival. Some hl2rp mixed in there too.

I just like all the serious roleplay stuff and some zombie survival.

the one from gmod 9 with the famas

Sandbox, you can do anything.

What is this “Deathrun?”

Z_Mercs, and hopefully other people will agree, when I finally finish it :sigh:

Severance in its early stages were so much fun.

Jailbreak, and Zombie Survival would probs be my second favourite

Gmod Stranded, Deathrun, Radbox.

Could never really get into serious roleplay. I don’t see the appeal in it.

Deathrun, BHop, SEOW2 and some OpenAura’s.