What is your favourite moment or memory from Garry's Mod this year?

It can be absoltely anything aslong as its Garry’s Mod related.

So far, not much. GMod has gone down hill for a long time now.

Well, once I was on an rp server. I was punchwhoring,
The target who I was punching was totally raging,
He was crying and going to an admin, the Admin grabbed me with his PHYS GUN
and released me on a roof, he started to talk to me, I disconnected fast, changed my name, connected and nobody knew it was me!

Massive TTT trolling.

It’s not from this year, but this:

It was fun as hell, too bad the server I made it on is dead and so is most of the community (except a few who now play on my server)

First race on my server. I had a lot of fun because I was still learning how to make proper suspension and that is why my car was wobbling so much.

Good video, Damn the music though, Just game sounds would be liked better by me.

Favourite moment was uhh…Had a few good ones I can’t decide.

Having some fun with friends.

I was on a ttt server and I killed a guy with his own knife.

When I epicly OWNED a metrocop. Too bad I couldn’t screenshot it or record it.

I was on this Build rp server and i payed a admin 2000$ to let me dupe some tnt and then i gave it to my friends and then i watched them throw tnt at these people and the admins were doing nothing and not one person was banned that day.

Playing on a shitty DarkRP server, planting contra on people, arresting them and watching the sweet tears flow.

TTT, just me, a detective, and the last Traitor. Everyone else was dead, and so was the Traitor’s buddy.

Took the dead Traitor’s jihad bomb, and used it on the last T, with the detective barely avoiding the blast.

Also I got 10 kills as a Traitor once.

I was playing TTT on ttt_amsterville, and there were 6 traitors. They massacred every innocent in the middle of the map, except for me, so they chased me and I mowed down 2, headshotted two in mid-air, and one on the ground, then circled around to the other side of the map and knifed the last one while he was in his buy menu. I then proceeded to T-bag his dead body…It was the definite high-point of my entire life.

2 favorites.

Number one favorite: Finding some guy started a Drug lab in my apartment so i smoked and stole all I could! (DARKRP)

Number two favorite: Playing prophunt. Nuff said.

Not sure if it was this year or last, but I watched someone build an ornithopter that mostly worked.

I joined a new community, and have gotten pretty far in it. I’ve met lots of nice people in it and feel like it’s the first community that I’m really well known in.

i didnt ban italians since 2012… what a memory…

Built myself a combine chopper with Wiremod on a DeathBuild server. It was funnier than those instant-kill turrets because the chopper would slowly and systematically hunt down players and when it spotted them, it waited a couple of seconds and played a citadel-horn sound before blasting them. Because we had voice chat and prop-damage turned on it turned into a game where everyone else made wiremod AA guns and whoever delivered the killing blow to the chopper got to fly it.
It’s always a great feeling when you are actually playing with other people rather than competing or merely being on the same server.

Before spacebuild died, My friends and I built small space fighters and bombers while 5 admins built this massive space station armed to the teeth with laser turrets. As soon as prop damage was turned on, we had this huge fight that lasted for a good 3 hours or so. I split my friends into 2 attack teams, one was a fighter squad and the other was a bomber squad. We eventually took out the turrets and did one last bombing run on the station before it finally started to fall apart. It was a shit load of fun.