What is your gaming clan's story?

You know, history and all that. Its kinda interesting to hear what has happened with regards to groups in Gmod

My first clan I was in was called Tempest Gaming in January 2013, which broke off of Next Tier Gaming (which I know most of you are familiar with) and I dont entirely know their history, and was run by ZephyrWarrior. Basically Zeph was a chill dude but brought relationships into the clan twice; the first time his e-gf was kinda power hungry and had people banned that she didnt like, the second was more chill and it was more him being overprotective and banned a popular user. Soo, after all that went down some people got sick of it and 1/3 of the clan left to create a new clan called Diamante Gaming. Diamante fizzled out shortly after, RIP in peace. Then another split happened when Zeph forced a higher up to “Choose TG or your own clan” and the guy chose his own and joined in as well (another clan split off shortly after that too, its called Jingle Gaming and is still up). That new clan was called Eagle Eye Gaming after its owner 1EagleEye, it was pretty chill when DarkRP was closed and I managed their TTT server for 7 months before resigning. Recently in September, EEG shut down because the owner didnt have enough time with college to manage the clan and yet another clan popped up from the remains of EEG and it was called Matrix Gaming… Matrix Gaming and Jingle Gaming are still going and TG died recently due to lack of players from all of the splits. So yeah, theres that.

Gaming everywhere… can’t people come up with a more original name

my current csgo clan is bricksquad because we sing hard in the paint while playing

My first actual one was FRG(Facerollgaming) basewars, everyone there was so relaxed and just got on with playing the game. The admins were not assholes and never found them abusing. Fun events like singing events were hosted. After around a year and a half it was renamed to AIX ( AndromedaIX ) after this the quality and how unique the gamemode was really went up until there was a sudden drop in players, leading to the servers death.

One of the best communities i’ve played in by far.

Still friends with some of the admins now and then owner too!

Now most of the gmod players can’t read rules so most servers either ban all the players or they quit within a day.

I’m not any clan nor have I ever been :(. I’m a solo man.
I would like to be in one though, someone should hook me up.

I’m in a clan our circle of friends made… It’s called Kick & Go.
It originated because we kicked people who tried to kick me for micspamming in CS:GO.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m high right now, or maybe it’s just me only looking at thing’s for 5 seconds thinking I analyzed the whole thing but.
all I saw was “Circle of Friends”
and immediately thought Circle Jerking lol.

On Topic:
First clan I joined was Hells Gamers on CSS.

I’m in no clan right now. However I used to be for quite some time. Back when I first got GMod I joined a group called MetroFusion. Needless to say, this community failed, restarted, failed, restarted, failed again, and restarted under a new name, which, of course, failed. Glad it’s over. Now I kind of linger around forums not being “loyal” to one group, but helping out when requested.

Project-21. My first TTT server. Joined and mass RDMed the entire game. Got permabanned by Inferno (aka brandonj4). For some reason he unbanned me. I later became mod and tried to work my way up. The server went down soon after and I went onto another server. Everyone was complaining about how the server was down so I’d started it back up. With infernos permission of course. I started up the server in my image but that wasn’t the original P21. It is semi custom (some custom coded addons by me and FP coders). The server was highly successful but not without losses. The server went down 5 times under my control. Weirdly enough it was an emotional struggle to keep the server alive. To this day I struggle to decide whether it should be the original P21 or the current.

World Dominance (wD) Gaming has a very long long history!

wD gaming started in about 2008 with a few select members. Such as Sshado, Gratz Democratz and a few other small names. (later joining, saintsin, djicychill, sniperman)

This was the mock-up of the CS:S JB community. They grew to a nice size in 2009/2010 and were one of the largest JB’s in CS:S. I joined wD in July 2010 and enjoyed it. I was only 14 at the time, so still quiet immature. I quickly made friends with Sshado because he was a really cool guy and liked anime like I am, and at the time, clan leader (aka wDe. the top rank)

I got out of a lot of punishments, more than I should have, because I made friends with high staff. This ended up causing lotsa drama and such. I continued to play, get banned, try for admin, e t c while little problems here and there came. In 2011, Remscar wrote us our own Fortwars server. (GForts) and it was pretty cool/popular. There was also more drama round here because lotsa stupid kids in the community (as most communities) including me! I quickly developed a very infamous reputation in the community due to how mischievous I was. I really had a bad mindset. Clan members came and went as I played, and due to an admin friend, I got to see people getting angry about me. I wasnt a good player at all.


Yer, people really wanted to keep me in, but there was alos people who wanted me out.

Around 2012, we had a very, very popular JB with me having the #1 amount of hours as well as frags n etc. But, May 2012, I went onto the TTT server and was being a stupid kid, threatening people and being just generally retarded. I ended up getting permabanned.

It was pretty bad, I pretty much only played wD, and all my friends were wD members. I was very angry, and tried petitioning my ban for a very long time.

Didnt really matter! All the way through 2012 and 2013 I was banned, clan members left that hated me, there was clan leader switches, there was many many switches in the clan. Pretty much the foundation changed, but the oldies still remained.

the JB was still there, we had a TTT, and a minigames on CS:S which was fairly popular. We tried for a CSGO Jb, but it didnt really work out.

In August 2013, a member under the name ‘Machete Panda’ who was hosting our dedicated server, wasnt being paid the full amount he was owed. it was around ~$600-900 or so, because the clan leader, Iketsu, was having INRL issues and couldnt pay hin back.

To clear any suspicion, Iketsu was going to pay him back, he has a life like the rest of us, and drama screwed with his is all. While Iketsu was meaning to payback Machete Panda, Machete ended up getting angry that he wasnt. (Keep in mind, this dude is like 36…) and was raging about not being paid, even though iketsu said he would.

So, in a selfish, very immature way, he decided to steal the box, and so he did. wDgaming was stolen by Machete panda in 2013 because he believed he was entitled to the box. (He didnt pay for the box nor the parts for it, he simply hosted it) and threatened to sue Sshado if he didnt hand over the wdgaming.org domain. (Again, he doesnt have any rights to that either.)

Sshado, as most teenagers, get afraid when the word lawsuit is thrown around. So, Sshado did what was most reasonable (but probably shouldnt have, if he knew more about law) and handed ove rthe domain.

So, now, the entire clan, the large 500 con-current person clan was stolen by Machete, servers and domain, under someone who wasnt even leadership. He was simply an advisor (who got demoted)

It’s hard to put in perspective to you all how big this was. A clan member went rogue and literally stole the entire clan. That’s like the equivalent of RAYHALO stealing FP. No one would want that at all, 0. (well, except the lulzy people)

So, now, the clan has been fractured, all servers are gone, and the domain was stolen. What do?

Nothing, that was the only answer you really could do. We’re all 16-21 year olds who have bills to pay and dont have much. This man-child is 36 and has cash to spare, and has the means to threaten legal action to scare everyone. (A better analogy, this guy is the equivalent of the HG clan leader, just SLIGHTLY less retarded)

So now we have two wD’s, the fake one, which is STILL currently surviving (but barely, there is a chance I might have given it a wacking in retaliation) and the old wD. Where the good/old members are. Iketsu/djicychill/all the oldies still are. It’s coming down slowly, which im grateful for, but im sad my clan that’s been my in my entire internet history is going down the drains.

Machete panda now runs wD with an autistic 20 year old named “Goshawk” (No, I am not insulting him, he legitimately is diagnosed with autism, yet he is the ‘community manager’ …)

So, everyone hates goshawk for being an autist, Machete is a man child who keeps the clan just for the sake of it, and the rest of the old wD is now just a mumble, which we use to play LoL/WoW (they’re big on WoW, Im not).

Even then, this is a very condensed version of wD, and admittedly, a little bias. Imo though, it’s definitely the most correct. To sum it up, a good clan was stolen and beaten down by a bully, and now all thats left is a soiled name.

You’re free to join the clan mumble if you want, just mention you’re from FP/zerothefallen and they wouldnt care, there is lotsa people there to play games with. mumble.dotlow.net 64738

woo long post

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A good example of Machete panda’s stupidity.

This is his website


Every community I touch dies.

I was horribly traumatised by the cough virus. The constant coughing wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t think straight without the demonic coughing. Garry Newman must pay.

On topic:
Ran community for 1 1/2 years, non-stop drama. 1st month, a superadmin bans another superadmin for not liking iJustine, 6th months, massive staff fallout, everyone begins to lie about their side of the story, best part was this: after the server closed everyone complained about my IRL friend, who worked his way up like everyone else, because they were scared that I would ban them from the server.

I might be a dick, but I’m not that much of a dick.

im in a cLan called fAzE we was created in 2001 when cod 1 came out. ye


I’m trying to build up my own group on my server, just had to restart from scratch today because we got kicked off our previous host

Back in 2012, I was introduced to gmod by someone and got really into TTT. I found a random server and for whatever reason had the courage to talk on mic. Obviously got a lot of friend-requests but one of them started to talk to me afterwards. I fell for him pretty quickly and we made a lot of friends on the server, many people liked our interactions and found them funny.

We had a few issues with the way the server was ran, so we started thinking of making our own community. Because of all the friends we’d made, we knew a lot of them would join us if we left and it gave our community an extremely long start.

There was some dumb drama between our community and the old one, but that kinda stopped soon afterwards. Eventually that old community died, a few other members in different friend groups tried to start their own but those are all dead as well. For some reason, ours managed to keep itself alive, dunno why and theirs didn’t.

I was a completely different person before I got into Garry’s Mod, I’m still quite introverted but before this I was just outright anti-social, had no friends nor wanted any and just didn’t speak to anyone.

Anyway, that guy I made the community with became my boyfriend and even though it was long-distance, it was still really nice. We met in real life a few times and I spent last christmas with him. He did kinda lose interest in gmod over time, as did a lot of our original regulars which is fair enough, really, since we’ve all been playing it for almost two years now.

We broke up about a month ago which I’ve mentioned a few times. He recently said he was no longer going to pay for the community and since we don’t get all that much traffic anymore, I sort of just said fair enough, however a few close friends of mine said they’d help keep it open so we’re not completely dead yet. He and I spoke a bit last night and are no longer friends on Steam, he wants to move on from all of this and I respect that decision.

There’s a few weeks left on our dedi and while we still have website domain, will have to transfer Ips onto a new dedi soon after. It might completely kill us or even help, I can’t tell yet. I’m not really sure what I want to do with my community at this stage, apart from use the dev server to develop that Ship based gamemode. My problem is, I always want to be doing something and I know I’m not good enough at coding to dev for someone else, that and I’ve really struggled to find another server I want to stick with.

That’s disappointing to hear, it’s good to see that (I think) it was an okay break up and both understood it(?). Tough to hear about your community, you work really hard on it. You have come a long way, and you deserve more recognition, I am very surprised to hear that your server is dying, and you would be fine deving on someone elses server, I am sure many servers would love to have you. I hope you succeed on the Ship gamemode you are making. Things will look better soon, like I heard once, if today is as bad as it gets, then understand that by tomorrow, today will have ended.

You will do great, you and your server have great potential, it just sucks that GMod has a bad community.

Speaking of people quitting GMod. I have decided to quit too, I don’t feel the drive like I did when I first started playing, coding is good but, the community is a mess. I would much rather learn indie games aswell, and practical real world coding.
I won’t be in the GMod section anymore really, and I have already cleared my friends list, I had way to many, I think over 200, but now I only have a few people on my friends list now, and that’s the people I have spoken too and enjoyed talking too, or would enjoy speaking too.