What is your most annoying addon?

For me it is the smart welder, since it will always make my stuff shit.

Disable “Refresh Welds” and it will stop doing it.

The ones that don’t show up when you download them and add them.

The command box, I hate it when people make different triggers (buttons keypads, ect) and making you test_loop,

But on the other hand… If its me doing it… :slight_smile:

Space Build 3.

I had to work for 2 days to get it to work, and now LS and RD are so weird, I can’t really do anything.

If I can figure it all out, then I guess I don’t really have one. I semi-cleared out GMod a little while ago, only keeping the stuff I liked, and haven’t really gotten anything new.

LOL the anti server adv,

  1. y the fuk do i want to crash a server?
  2. only admin can biuld nukes!

Well that may be because you havnt ** INSTALLED ** them right.

Omfg! I hate rag-mod!!!

I get bored of shittily coded addons, so I try to code my own as far as possible. It isn’t really that hard.

Install LS3 core, RD3, ls3e, then uninstall LS2 and RD2, should work fine.

My most annoying addon would have to be field generators. 1 minge that knows how to wire a numpad input and a constant value with a field generator can fuck up a server. radiation set to distance 10000 and multiplier 10000 will end a server

Mine has to be lifesupport it ruins going underwater in singleplayer now :frowning: I could just remove it but whats the fun in that.

Why doesn’t my ‘‘house_1’’ addon work? it a addon with Alyx Npc’s. but they douesnt show… only 5 of 20 the rest just goes ‘‘Error’’!!! what have i done wrong? how can i fix it?

I think there’s a CVar for turning LS off. Or the water component. Or something.

If you don’t want to though, here’s how you do it:

  1. Get some air tanks, some air compressors, and your favorite energy production setup.
  2. Hook a suit dispenser into the air tanks (don’t worry about coolant, etc unless you’re actually in SpaceBuild)
  3. Use the suit dispenser.
  4. Dive in, you have more air.

For me spacebuild is annoying because I never found where to download it.
Where do I download it?

From their SVN. I think the right address is in the GMod Wiki, HERE

I tried to download that svn but it doesn’t contain anything…

Use an SVN client.

Cloverfield map >.< I don’t know if that qualifies as an addon, but anything I ADD to the game seems like an addon to me. They just have different classes :stuck_out_tongue:


What does the test_loop command do anyway?