What is your most hated Garrysmod bug/issue/problem?

Just put a tick in one of the above to show me what the most hated problem in Garrysmod is.

The fucking memory management.

Garry’s Mod throws up more memory errors than any other Source game I’ve played.

I can agree with that.

I would tick “All of the above”.

Also this.

I agree, but a chosen stipulation is that you have to decide your ** MOST ** hated problem.

Saggy welds/axes.

Yeah, this one

Agree’d their terrible, sadly.

Needing to buy CS:S :saddowns:

Buffer overflow when you JUST got in the last spot of the server or memory crash.

I would say the constant crashing / random freezes.


Can’t say no to that either.

I love the voted that “the community” is getting.

MORE OPTIONS. Make a new poll. I want: Wire bugs (or things you do not understand) and others.


Random freezes, Hl2.exe has stopped working, etc.

Random crashes when your in RP, and just stole 3 money printers.

Updates randomly breaks some stuff

Reliable snapshot overflow and invalid steam user id ticket :expressionless:

Edit: Oh and absolutely the buffer overflow too.

Reliable snapshot overflow or buffer overflow.

The shitfuckers that upload shittrashcrap to .org.