What is your most hated Garrysmod bug/issue/problem?

Constant crashes, pisses me off allot.

I can still do sex poses though, so I’m fine.

Hi :D. Im new and this will be my first post. I Hope my profanity is suitable.(Just trying to fit in :slight_smile: )

I FUCKING hate the loading screens. On Multiplayer and Single Player. It seems to take forever to load. Even If I have no Add-ons. I got a Decent computer too…

The first two why do we have to pay for other games to get content and garry broke some mods I liked ex.PAC2 or the legs addon,the loading screen is piece of shit why do we have to dl so many shit just too enter 1 server oh and you still get error models.

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That happens to all source games to be honest, worst of all is TF2

12 year olds.

Saving games…Never does anything right…

Crashes, and welds flexing when pushed against a wall. Welds should actually join both props together and make them one. Also connection errors.

Garrysmod updates break random things
Needing to buy games for Garrysmod content
The community

when i fucking download something, some addon etc. from garrys.org and that shit doesn’t work and i ask whats up with it and the creator says everything works fine your gm is shit etc. and then i have to edit everything and get to work properly… my friend have the same problem with these things…

hl2.exe has stopped working.

Defiantly when updates break things…So nerve racking.

Yeah its always like “aww what has he broken now…”

When GMod updates break the best addons…

Welds and old source engine.

The random crashing especially right before you are going to save something. Also the weak welds get irritating at times.

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garrysmod.org impregnated me :arghfist::saddowns:

A certain recent update ate my autoexec. :ohdear:

"Sending client info…

hl2.exe has stopped working."

Long loads, CS:S Dependencies (They tell you you can play GMod with just HL2… good luck loading anything but flatgrass and some zombies), random crashes and… the worst of all… RETARDED WELDS. In real life, welding involves practically melting two things together, whereas, in GMod, its like tying string between two things and hoping for the best.

Buffer overflow and errors with the reliable snapshots.