What is your perfect DarkRP server?

The Question:
How would YOU improve DarkRP

As a general rule, facepunch dislikes/hates darkrp in its current state.
What I have decided to do is this, use the DarkRP base (due to the simpleness of modification) and make the best experience possible.
Anyway, past all that, what do you guys think will make the best possible DarkRP experience? I will start off and please reply with improvements etc. and if it gets to a good enough point I may make this into an actual thing

My Ideas

3 Jobs:
Anyone who doesn’t work for the government this includes anyone who wants to be a thief, dishwasher salesman etc.

Anyone in the Metropolitan police force. They Enforce the laws and prevents crimes(what many servers will call “RDM” etc. See administration section below)

Civil Servant:
Any government worker including mayor etc. deals with licenses, new laws etc.

3 Roles in hierarchy:
Staff – Mainly there to help new players with questions etc.
Developer – Implement new mods & features
Overseer – Make sure other staff don’t abuse, also handles the monetary side of the server.

Rather then conventional server rules like RDM (police deal with the murder) greet new player and discuss basic RP things such as /me.
This will create an environment where police have to RP instead of Admins policing the server.
Also no adverting mugs etc. Because of that being just stupid.


Have donations as exactly that, something being donated to the server and not being a sale of a product such as ingame cash or an OP job with a laser guided, nuke firing minigun.
Possibly cosmetic advantages such as a donator tag on text chat but nothing to advantage them above other players in RP

Money Making:
Get a job working at Asda or make an Asda, remove printers and make money making a more social experience encouraging conversation with people. Add suppliers where you buy shipments of products from them; an example being £3,000 for 10 laptops a tech company to sell in your store.
Or buy items from the pharmacy to cook drugs, make it so player interaction and buying entities of players a way to earn money.

Gun Dealers:
possibly add an online market place for upper recievers, barrels etc online for an expensive price, but no license check, and add licenses required to buy a lower/ any full made gun off a gunsmith. This gives gun dealers a job and if you make them have to collect a shipment from the PD or something, it also forces them to leave the base.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of (for now) Please respond with any ideas/improvements, and if this gets to a point where I am happy with it I may make this into a server.

Do the overseers have whips? I’d want them to really lay into that 12 year old who just unfairly slayed me. Although we’d need the parents written consent first.

XD yeah.
It’s more to have someone taking a wider view over admins and devs etc. so it doesn’t end up as a bureaucratic nightmare

rm -rf /

So I’ll give something actually useful - focus less on structure, and focus more on “what will be fun for players”.

Little Jimmy isn’t gonna care about your admin ranks, or who manages whom, he just wants to play. When little Jimmy joins, what can he do? What’s gonna entice his little heart first?

Little Jimmy isn’t gonna wanna sit and grind for a few hours just to get to the fun, he wants it now. So your model full of structure isn’t gonna interest him, or many others.

What I’m trying to get at is focus on fun, bringing people in, and building upon that. A server does not have to have structure all the way through, but it DOES have to be fun.

Good point, to be honest at the moment the main focus people have on darkrp is the economy etc. and not many servers implement ways to enjoy the money beyond just earning more/getting a flashier car. Personally I don’t find this that fun, however many players do, im just wondering what facepunch as a whole or even individually think is good.

Easy, no stupid player models, features that actually contribute to RP and actually represent the originals. so no “pets” or “vapes” i dont dismiss these features because they are fun. But the servers themselves who implement these “fun” features arent fun servers whatsoever. I want 20 guns, no big start money, not many cars, purposeful jobs, drugs where LSD isnt the fucking lol face, and semi serious roleplay. Instead, i get: Vapes, 200 cars, 200 jobs LOL face LSD, 20k if you join a steam group, “fun” aaaaaaand extremely serious roleplay where you get banned for nlring once.

Rules can be whatever, as long as they are loose and actually have purpose



The DarkRP Formula

What I would do…what it would take for me to play on one at all…would be to merge it with a build server. Like, a fully featured build server like Cre8ive or GGG, but with the RP elements sprinkled in there such that you could ‘earn’ the propa and such you use to build your vehicle or base or whatever. And it would give purpose to the creations, IE I could build a commercial vehicle(last night I started something heavily inspired by an Isuzu NPR) and then use that vehicle as part of the role play.

Also, fuck NLR. Shit happens when building and the last thing you need after a physics glitch gibs you is an 11 year old adminge screeching NLR while banning you.

It honestly just makes raids more fun too when the people you killed try to kill you back.

NLR don’t even make sense if you think about it. If you’re a completely different person, why do you have the same money, house, appearance, etc.? Real NLR would make you lose everything. So why not just drop the pretense and go with the more light and fun option

That would be “Fun”

NLR in its current state shouldn’t be a thing TBH it’s just stupid.

Go with no NLR or Reset Players on respawn and deal with a boring server or 5 billion refunds from RDM.

Management is generally where I “specialise” so to speak.
In my opinion, I think having one easily obtainable rank isn’t always the way to go, people are motivated ranks. Everyone likes to follow a romantic that people should be motivated by the want to help people, but realistically, that is rarely the case. I think atleast having two obtainable moderation ranks is necessary, i.e Moderator & Admin.

Obtainable only if the current owner/staff deem you worthy.

I’d improve DarkRP just as probably anyone else would. Ya see, the last time I played DarkRP I always used to pick hobo as a job for some reason unbeknownst to me. I had a grandiose plan to construct a hobo apartment building, a “hotel” of sorts. Surprisingly the idea caught the attention of the people, who began switching to hobo and checking into the hotel. Eventually there were so many people checking in that the hotel grew to immense proportions. The building took up almost the full length of the sidewalk. This is when the admins caught wind of our shenanigans, realized I was the instigator, and roof-topped me. This lead to a gun dealer entering the hotel, arming the hobos with pistols, and leading a disgruntled mob of like 20 hobos with guns down the city streets screaming “EVERYONE WHO IS NOT A HOBO IS KOS”. The admins saw this and banned me on the spot. I PM’d the admin and asked why he banned me and he replied “oh you broke rule #26 and that’s bannable.” I said, confused “Wait, weren’t there only 25 rules?” “Nope, we added one more today.” I looked and rule #26 was something along the lines of “hobo huts can only be occupied by one player”. I laughed my ass off.

TL;DR: Admins should let players have fun and be creative because intervention means angry mobs of hobos terrorizing the server.