What is your server ban list?

My server ban list is this

What is yours?

Oh and i had to ban a LOT of people today beacuse i just relesased the server :goodjob:

PS: You can blur out the name if you want :q:

Would be hard to post a list of everyone we banned…

Some bans that I made from the time I was an administrator on modified gaming.


Holy shit


we dont keep temp bans in the database after they expire so these are just the perm ones

Seems like loans are a big problem for you.

Looks like someone had too much money during the winter sale.

they were while ago but the damage was reversible and it was really easy to detect so it was a nice way to catch people who use any exploit they can find(ie undesirables)

we fixed it a couple months ago regardless

most alts are actually family sharing which doesn’t cost them any money

we check all players when they join for their family sharing status and autoban them if a linked account is already banned