What Is Your Top 5 - Weapon

Ok so it’s no secret that there is not that many weapons in rust at the moment. Do you agree with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2DrDHMNE_8 , if not based on the weapons we have currently what is your top 5?

rock beats all.

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i prefere the bolt over M4 as i can easily outrange anyone using M4.
i don’t know about you but when i walk outside my base with a gun i’d like to know why and for what i’m doing it, sniping out people of bases before you raid is a wonderful feeling.

Broken poll.

Pickaxe and rock missing.

  • stone hatchet
    and hatchet

and the ability to talk someone into suicide.

completely broken poll, agreed

9mm pistol also missing


Is that what the M9 is supposed to be? My bad. facepalm

damnit I meant 9mm thats MY bad

bow, ofc
what other fps does have a bow as a weapon of choice? Plus, it has no aiming marker, which makes hitting a lot harder and when the shot actually lands I always get that tingling sensation.
Pipe shotgun is my second favorite.

Honestly bow is my favourite to use swell it’s so powerful and immensely satisfying to use!

Team Fortress 2 has a hunting bow called “Huntsman” :3

I heard they are adding to the current bow in rust :0

This is the same as asking “What is your favorite planet to live on”… not a whole lotta choices.

There is more than 1 gun -.-

Sexy bolt action

there is more than 2 weapon ?

What ???