What items would you like to see added?

Hello everyone! I just purchased this game and am having a blast so far with it. What items would you like to see implemented into the game?

Two items I’d love to see added are a compass and binoculars. Instead of having to rely on a map from an external source, I’d like to be able to have a compass just to see which direction I’m headed. It took me a few hours just meet up with one of my friends. Also, I feel as if binoculars would be a great addition so you can scope out potential areas.

I want forward grip and more sights instead of the holo, like kobra or better red dot.

and a ak47 =) (maybe)


I accidentally "snipped’ your post! I don’t know what that means exactly, I haven’t used a forum in years.

What do you mean by “How am I playing” right now?

-Grappling Hook(Throw then climb, Used to traverse peoples walls.)
-Hunting traps(Bear traps, snares ectect.)
-PVP traps(Pressure plates, Mines)
-Electronics(Switches,Doors, Lights)
-Digging(Impossible I know but it would be a cool addition)
-Backpack/LootBag(Need to be crafted to gain more inventory capacity)
-Plants(Similar to Gmod survival)
-Fishing rod

-Flare Gun (Fun and could be used to locate friends or confuse enemies if Bright enough)
-Spears (Would be same as the bow and arrow which I love Bow and arrow is amazing for only in alpha)
-Air pressure pellet or arrow shooter.(The way the gun would lose pressure and essential require 2 types of ammo could be interesting.
-Poison arrow heads (Crafted from animal or plant loot.)


-Flying birds(Would add a lot of immersion and would be great fun to shoot down.)

Small islands That a boat/raft is required to sail to.

I don’t know if any of these are good but ill add more if I think of them.