What jobs should I have on my darkrp server?

I have the default darkrp 2.5 jobs, and then I added
“Herb” Dealer
Admin On Duty

Any more I should add or edit?



Having a lot of jobs won’t make your server fun.

Just have a citizen class and whitelisted police force. You should also code in farming, mining, and crafting in order to promote an actual economic system which would downplay the need for money printers.

Some servers have started doing this but they haven’t quite gone to the extent that I expected them to yet… which is good from my point of view because I won’t get accused of having copied it when I eventually release what I’ve been working on.

Hint: Fixed teams is one of the main sticking points with RP that limit player freedom - it’s one of the things that the WIP SeriousRP gamemode intentionally does not have at all. No player classes. You simply join an organization - public defined by server admin, private orgs created in-game (they appear in the tab menu instead of players) - and then the economy is based on manufacturing, sales, mining, etc. None of these are new ideas in themselves but I don’t think anyone has quite “got” that yet - or if they have (PERP got quite close!) - then they haven’t made it free… (which I understand, it takes time to create this kind of thing) and even PERP had a few things which I consider unrealistic enough to spoil the fun. DarkRP was a good start and it was a good learning tool - but it is what it is and was begging me to not just rewrite but redesign it from scratch according to what I think makes for a better roleplay experience.

Another thing is NLR. When you die, you should just die. The game gives you a new RP name and you get a new job. With less people being gunned down and more people working in their organization to make money, killing becomes less attractive… and since when do you declare your job to be “Mob Boss”? Typically you work for some organization and any activites you get up to should then be part of that role - there shouldn’t just be “the gang” or “the police” because that means “the bad guys” vs “the good guys” and boom - deathmatch ensues.

Please for the sake of god don’t make one of these servers with hundreds of really stupid jobs like mailman, builder, lawyer, judge, etc. They are a waste of your and everyones time. Make jobs that have a purpose and actually can do something. Not just citizen renamed with a different model.

add PAC3 and wiremod to your server. (PAC3 will instantly make your server a lot better)

PAC3 and wiremod has nothing to do with jobs, and both are easily exploitable.

and slow

They just dont belong on DarkRP in my opinion.