What just happened~?

I was lost on rust running around trying to find my way somewhere my game gets a pop up of a barrel in a radation place the screen just freezers on this barrel now i refreshed the page see if it will let me play rust again and it wont even let me back on… whats happened

SxG said over voice that unless we let them in our house they would DDoS the server, we didn’t let them in our house and the server went poof :frowning:

can you not get on the united kingdom server aswell?

Actually, this guy is in the [DooM] Clan, we were raiding their house telling them to get out.

They sit in there so we started crafting materials to get them stuck in there.

We built everything we needed and was going to make them die inside by trapping them in there but then the server went down.

We had the advantage and they ddos the server when they knew they were going to get stuck.

so is the uk sever of it says 75 people online though?

Don’t be mad because you couldn’t beat us, bit childish threatening to DDoS the server unless we let you in :frowning:

Guess you’re still angry that 4 of us killed your 20 man raid last week, it’s ok though not everyone is good at games and has to try and zerg to stand a chance.

Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth?

guys i dont care about your guys little war thats going on i want to know if you guys can get on UK server or not

Nope, we can’t.

ok thankyou tash did you get the same when the server crashed a barrel came up on the screen?

Look at them both so furious about them going to be trapped in the house, even ddos the server… :slight_smile:

Yes it took me to the front of a building with a barrel and there was a bear like shadow on the wall.

It was the freaky shadow on the wall in the doorway that did me :confused: I thought, bloody hell, a touch of half life too! :wink:

yea same thing happend to me guys

I’m glad I’m not the only one, as soon as that happened I thought it had put me in Half Life lol.

Perhaps we’ve just experienced a resonance cascade event, I think they’re ready for me. In the test chamber :slight_smile: (tbh, gd times, gd times)!

Must be a dream your talking about…


Same is happening on AUS servers.

Happened to me just now.