What keeps you motivated?

I try and try but I just never seem to get very far with making anything nice.
I am still motivated to try the map that you could go through tunnels and end up on different stacked maps and shiz, but there isn’t anything that lets me do that.

It’s really difficult for me and I have no idea what could help stay motivated. All these buildings, pictures, etc give me ideas like alot of you do too but it’s just annoying. I feel stressed when I stay in hammer for more than 15 minutes - 1 hour. I don’t know why. When it happens I just feel the “Stay in focus in hammer” feeling drop and then I can’t carry on.

So what can keep me motivated to release a better map than my poorly made gm_sadomite? (which I could re-release if I got around to making a map for once if I was motivated to remake it.)

If your anything like me your stressed that you/other people will not like the map. It’s common for anyone that’s not that great. I personally have never released a map and I’ve made about 200+ and finished none of them. You have to like your own work to have the inspiration to stick with it. Just keep mapping and eventually you will have the talent.

I just have 2 or 3 maps, and work on a different one each day, so I don’t get tired of making the same map.

Usually when I map, I start in high spirits and map pretty well, then I start losing my motivation and notice that something is screwed up and I just say: “Fuck this shit.”

That’s how mapping works for me. Can’t keep motivated unless I have the map planned. And if I plan it, I think the plan sucks and won’t do it anyway.

I usually can’t make map stright for until I finish it.
I usually make breaks or pauses.
1 break/pause is usually 1-5 weeks for me.
Last week I had a pause. I was playing Gmod tower for a week. Now I continue my map.
In breaks I usually play games.

I’ve only released 2 decent maps. gms_sunset_V1 and a map for zombie panic
I can’t ever seem to stick to something, I always end up just not feeling like finishing it. I don’t want too many maps in progress though because then I forget about one for half a year, come back, and see how bad all my work was at that point then not bother fixing it up. Yea it sucks being one of those types.
I just haven’t mapped lately, I should start up again.

Now that I think about it I’m probably not the best person to give you advice on the subject, since I have 47 unfinished .vmfs in my sdk folder from just the last 2 months.

For me it helps to know that people like what I’m making, either in functionality or looks. It’s mostly why I post bits of my stuff in the Map Pimpage thread, to get feedback and Artistics. :v:

Ahem. 100. All from failed testing too.

By the way, if I make an env_sun, do I pitch in 65 degrees down or is that an environment? Just a quick question if I wanted to make a bright map and not a shitty lightened one.

Making maps that others can enjoy is my motivation, and improve mapping skills.

I have 147 unfinished vmf’s in my sdk folder from this month because of no motivation.

Same here but…I just lose interest fast.

I have it all set out…

Then I just don’t continue after I make a couple of stuff. :frown:

Nothing really. If I’m bored, I do some mapping, if not, I’ll do other things, except mapping.


outskin, the only thing that keeps you motivated is when you post a picture on facepunch and everyone just goes



that wasn’t a troll i’m being serious

Yeah, I’m lacking motivation, so I haven’t worked on my project rp_fiskcity, but I’m working on it right now and there’s alot of new stuff.

env_sun is just sprite in the sky. It doesn’t add any lighting.

I suggest finishing a map. To do this, aim below what you’re capable of and do it well. From there, work up. You’ll find that patience comes with time, as long as you finish projects. There’s nothing worse than some one who knows everything but doesn’t finish everything- it’s frustrating not having anything to build up from and you see other, less experienced mappers completing maps and those who can’t complete maps tend to take their anger out on those mappers, which isn’t really fair.

Start with a simple aim map. Once that’s done you can use those ideas that bubbled up inside you to make a better aim map.

I also find it pays to get to the gameplay stage as soon as possible. Don’t be a mapper who spends all of their time on graphics. They tend to have no gamesense. Fun to play maps are much easier to work on as well, as you can take a break and play about with your creation with bots or people across the LAN or what ever. Mapping is more than just ability, it’s about game sense and balance- with out just making a symmetrical map.

I get a bunch of ideas then start on them with quality then i come back to it and say: “Hey this is looking pretty good, i dont wanna waste this. Ill finish it!” then when its done i go :D. Ta Da!


Dont be like that Janooba, I’m like this too, and hey, guess what? Delete those vmfs you dont want to fix up and start on a project that interests you!

Yeah, this is a huge problem for me. I mean, I must have like hundreds upon hundreds of .vmfs lying around in my archive. I mean, I’ve only released one half-assed map in a year of mapping.

I get the idea, and I think I might go through with it, but then I get to a point in the map where I run out of ideas of what to put in, and then I pretty much just stop. I’ve been trying my hardest to start on my new HL2 mod that I’ve had the idea for for a long time, and I just keep hitting obstacle after obstacle until I pretty much just give up. I’m still working on that mod, but I can never seem to hammer out a map for it, not even a half-assed early-early-alpha map (which I couldn’t allow myself to do anyways).