What kind of access will we have to the map

For instance will we have like full acess to modify triangles? I heard there were dynamic displacements but to what capacity can we modify these? If we had time could we make entire proceduals worlds including buildings?


I’m also very curious about this. I would love to know to what extent we can modify the active map from code. I want to create a gamemode that would involve terrain destruction on a minute scale.


I think dynamic displacement editing is likely.

In some code garry released (Code.zip/Entity/WaterSea.cs), there is what appears to be dynamic model creation via vertices/materials and physics plane generation. Not sure if editing of verts is possible with current code, but looks probable.

Lighting might end up looking like shit tho.


We’re not as restricted as source 1, since maps are just entities like everything else from what I’ve seen so far.

Some people are already doing procedural cities with hammer’s generation tools, which is pretty cool.

The main question with destructive / procedural methods is how well we can get dynamic runtime lighting performing, since baked lightmaps won’t work.


Mesh - yes
Collision - yes
Vis - I don’t know
Navmesh - I don’t know


One of the coolest features of the initial S&box on Unreal Engine was the possibility to create and edit maps in collaboration and at runtime. Is this something out of the table now that we’re on Source²?
I guess it’s the same for the ability to make our own asset importer I think I saw that the plan is to use source tools to import assets.

Even though it’s technically possible to edit the geometry hammer compiles, there’s not much point doing it. If you want to do procedural stuff, you can do that easily. You have access to meshes and the physics world.


There’s stuff I’d like to explore with Hammer.

Since the game is always running with Hammer, I don’t know why we can’t try to update entities in game live. Obviously static world stuff would probably need to be recompiled, but when moving entities or changing their values, that seems like it could be updated live instead of having to compile and restart the map.

I’d love to eventually get tool addons too. If we get that, it seems like it’d pave the way for live entity editing, so we’d probably do that first.


This might be a question with an obvious answer but can you also access the used props on a map?
For prop hunt this would be great. Like on each map you could easily limit the list of props a player could choose from based on the the existing props on this particular map.

Will there also be support for procedural animations? It would be nice to be able to create animations pogrammatically for the people who would like to import animations from unsupported file formats/other games.

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Most likely, yes, maybe someone will do it after the game’s release, but I’ve seen the developers do something similar in the #modeldoc

Well, in Garry’s Mod you could read the BSP files, modify them and dynamically generate maps… You could also create your own system, and create an endless map by rendering what you want them to see while keeping the original player ent in a box - this was done with a space game in gmod.

You could create dynamic maps using meshes. This was done using cubes as a tech demo and may have been used in a game ( death run?? not sure… )

So with Garry’s mod being so limited, it was actually limitless when you considered map size because you could shrink people ( loss of quality but just by shrinking to 0.5 you have a 4* map size, by going to 0.25 you had 16x map size… but going much smaller wasn’t worth it )…

So you could create limitless, dynamic worlds in gmod - I expect we’ll have more freedom in this game…