what kind of computer do I need to play rust?

Do I have to have like a gaming desktop or could I use like a regular desktop or even a laptop?

First, you need a key ! :smiley:

What are your specs? Not all computers are the same.

Once you get a key, your PC needs to be able to run the Unity Engine. Thats basically it, ohh and the game has issues with some integrated graphics cards.

First, you need a key ! :smiley:

I already have A key from a livestream giveaway

If you have a key, why not just play the game and see if you can play it?

Pretty much any PC that does not have an integrated GFX card

More info here:

If certain problems are solved, I am sure this will run with a GMA500 (With the right drivers)

If it says a 2004 GPU can run this, My Dell from 2004 can probably run this game :L

you need a computer to play rust

an Apple II should just about cut it.