What kind of graphics card needed for rust?

I have no idea what kind of graphics card i need to play rust. I have Intel HD, i know that it does not work but what kind do i need Please help!

There are currently about 3-4 of the same thread on page 1. Go look at them for answers.


That’s hilarious, but you’re wrong.

You need SLI’d Titans.

No you need the AMD Radeon 7990.

Crossfire AMD Radeon 7990’s…


But a dedicated card, doesn’t have to be too new, with around 512MB memory would work :slight_smile:

I followed this guy’s advice but didn’t know how many to SLI so I just bought out the store

they didn’t fit into one box so I made another

game runs OK I guess but I would recommend finding something better

You don’t have enough RAM:

you get around 20-30fps with this

Will this be enough?

That looks like DDR2 ram, sorry, that won’t cut it… You need at least DDR4.

a 20gb ram Asus Power GPU, so you can cook bacon.


Shit. I’m gonna be poor. :frowning:

GTX 560 :smiley:

This sub-forum may have potential if every thread had replies like this.