What kind of linux version is best for hosting a Dedicated Server?

OK well as you know by the title, all I need to know is the version of linux that would be best for hosting a server??? I was thinking of using Ubuntu Server if there is nothing better. I bought the server yesterday and should arrive within a week. Here are the specs:

Processor Two Two Intel Xeon / 2 x 2.8GHz Xeon 400Mhz FSB
Memory 2 GB Six DIMM Sockets: Has 4 - 512MB ECC PC1600 SDRAM
Hard Drives 0 Hard Drives and Drive Trays Not Included
Backplane 1 x 5 1x 5 Bay 80Pin Hot Swap SCSI
Ethernet 2 Dual Gigabit 1000 Pro Ports
Video 8MB Embedded ATI Rage XL with 8MB SDRAM
Power Supply 2 Dual Redundant 500W Hot Plug Power Supplies
External Media 2 CD-ROM and Floppy
RAID Ultra3(U160) Dell PERC 3/Di Hardware RAID with 128MB Cache
Operating System None No OS Installed Or Included

So what should I use for an OS? And please explain why. I will only except answers from people with a fair amount of posts so I am sure they know what they are talking about.

Well, first of all, you shouldn’t judge someone’s knowledge based on their post count. Secondly, I personally prefer Debian. Ubuntu is based on Debian, anyway, so it wouldn’t bee too different.


Oh, why use debian? I like apt-get. That’s why. The stuff you’re going to be doing on the command line will probably still be mostly the same. I liek bash, too, but it’s the default shell for almost every linux distro nowadays. Some might still use sh.

And it’s not like other distros don’t have package managers…

WEll basically I jsut want one that has low CPU use so that the server can get as much CPU as it can. ANd ubuntu has the same apt-get commands i believe. But the main idea is one that uses as little CPU as possible to run so that I have as much CPU as possible for the server. and i need to be able to set the processor affinity like in windows. In case you down know what that is, it allows me to select what processors run which processes.

I don’t think any distro comes bundled with a tool to change your processor affinity. Let me see if there’s a command line utility for that. Since, you know, you don’t want to have a GUI sapping your processing power.

Oh, I also hear that Arch Linux is quite lightweight, I guess you could take a look at that, too?


Thank google.

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OK that looks semi complicated. I shouldbe able to do it but might there be a program that could let me set the affinity? Oh and by the way esalaka I added you on steam if you dont mind so I can get help easier cause you seem to know what your talking about.

i know very little about linux distros but seeing how ubuntu is built upon debian, wouldn’t debian be the wiser choice if you wanted as little extras as possible therefore lowest footprint

you’re also an idiot for basing knowledge and reliability on postcount

well if someone has like 30 posts then obviously they are new and I want to take suggestions from someone who has been here for a while.

which is the exact reason i’m calling you an idiot, just because they have 30 posts and therefore are new to the forum has no bearing whatsoever on their knowledge of the subject you’re asking about

Well if they are new to the forums then they probably wont have set up a dedicated server for gmod or anything since facepunch is highly linked to setting those up.

If you don’t mind picky setups, but want a low footprint, I hear Arch is one of the best. But hosting GMod servers on these is near enough a no go as there are no real binaries. Other Source games are fine though.

So other source source game would be easy to set up? Would CSS run ok on it? are there the binaries for that?? And can you explain real quick what binaries are?

Binaries are the Linux versions of the .exe. As far as I know, all Source games bar most mods (Gmod in particular) have them, and they can be downloaded. You cannot run a .exe normally in Linux, you need to run it through Wine. Which does cause some bugs with the GMod .exe.

CS: S should run fine, and is usually more stable than a Windows server. Though not quite as easy to set up.

Just download ubuntu server and wine, then follow one of the many tutorials.

Failing that get a copy of Windows XP.

You have only got 34 posts, you’re setting up a linux server… You’re a hypocrite and a retard.

Every problem with wine and srcds that I have heard of or experienced has been on debian or on operating systems derived from debian. Lots of people have experienced the problems like server kicking all players due to no “vac” connection on… debian based systems, but many have said they don’t have this problem for example on bsd or … let’s say RHEL.


I wouldn’t worry about using too much CPU with that bxo unless you’re going to be running a lot of game servers or have some other application running on the it.

Python I’ve tried with both Debian and Ubuntu, about the vac security thing (that it kicks the player because its unable to read your steam:id), only takes a few minutes waiting time to fix. And the normal getting stuck bug there are several fixes for that one. The easiest is just adding a few files to … cannot remember the folder, but everything is on the Wiki (wiki.garrysmod.com)

It is worth noting that a Linux port of gmod server binaries is being worked on, so you wouldn’t have to suffer with wine for too long.

via Garry’s Blog under Code log: # [gmod] Rev. 49 committed by Ryan Kistner Fixed up build environment and completed L**inux build **(waiting on gm_sqlite) Added a couple missi… about 21 hours ago

Wait a minute - there will be a Linux GMod dedicated server? O_O