What kind of maps do you want to see?

Greetings all!

Since it has been an exceedingly long time since I have mapped anything of significance, I thought I would get back into it! Although I don’t play Garry’s Mod a huge amount, I thought you guys could tell me what maps it’s lacking or what you’d personally like to see/play.

Perhaps it’s lacking nothing, but new maps are always fun! But if there are, mappers around the community may take note and act upon it!


What kind of maps do you want to see?


Examples of my work

You have 8 posts on here. How about show your work so we know what you can do before we ask?

I want to see fullbright, blocky maps. preferably RP

I think I remember you, you were working on something based off of Los Santos right? Those roads were beautiful, you should really pick that up again or release the source files. GMod needs a great city map like that.

The highway junction I was replicating takes up a huge amount of space, making it any smaller and it will lose that Los Santos feel. However, I could definitely look at different parts of LS.

Yea, a lot of areas are dense enough to fit in the hammer grid with enough diversity. Even if it’s not an exact replica, the whole city has a great vibe and there haven’t been any ‘open’ maps like that for GMod.
I ported most of downtown last year, but I couldn’t figure out collision models so it’s still unreleased.


Personally I’ve always wanted to do an original map like that, there was a collab earlier this summer based around West LA but it fell through. I can give you some of the palm trees from that if you want them.

I want the rolling hills of England, flint walls, bay windows, village greens, cricket pavilions, terraced houses and the like.

So more maps with this sort of grim, up north look to it :


About two years ago, I was making a map based off Northern Ireland for CS:GO because I thought it’d be a good theme especially since the IRA used to be quite an active terrorist group up there and there was a heavy military presence. I ultimately dropped it since I was quite a shitty mapper back then. I might go back to the drawing board and reattempt it sometime over the break if I can find the motivation to do it.

Holy cow, where are these road textures from??

That is actually really well done. Small intricate details is what brings a map together. I’d love to see that more often, but sometimes I feel this type of work pushes vbsp a little too far.

To be honest, I love this picture so very much. It has a very nice atmosphere to it. But thats just me. You should really look at modelling, seriously… go get blender.
Theres some things wrong in here, like how the blending is for the graffiti and how those signals are so high up. It is also very unreal to have trash so close to a track side depending on traffic volume. But, something about it. It feels good.
A lot of your photos seem well done, and your attention to detail can use some work, but your general perception and feel for things rub off nicely.

I’d love to see that and the scenario would be more plausible than Mr Patels cornershop being taken over by terrorists. :v:

Sexy suburban maps.

Copy paste ranch houses as far as the eye can see with strip malls and nothing to do because suburbs are boring.

Tbh just somethign that hasnt been done before in good quality and lots of fitting custom assets. Pls no generic city maps with standart HL2 assets…

i feel so close to home right now

I think surreal maps, stock assets or not, are always pretty cool.

I’ve got a bunch of prefabs I’ve been working on. Mostly store fronts with sash windows that can be changed around. It could be fun to give an existing map a face lift.

Gm_shambles has some assets for that iirc, I’ve never been to england but a larger scale of that might be cool.