What kind of modeling program should I use.

Not sure if this is in the right thread, but this is about modelling. I would like to know what program is good enough to make a vehicle model, and another being to add the skeleton and rigs for the vehicle, so its drive able. I would like to know. Thanks.

P.S. I have MilkShape 3D, but I don’t know what else to use.

You could try using Blender 3D, or go with 3DS Max (You can use it for free with a student license).

Tbh don’t start with Blender… the UI is messy as fuck and due to lack of support compared to other programs, it has a fairly steep learning curve. As much as I love Blender you’d be much better off with an Autodesk program like 3ds max or Maya.

Not to mention Blender has some weird quirks compared to traditional programs.

Luxology’s Modo is very user friendly and comfortable to use, and it was used for making models in “Test Drive Unlimited 2”

You can get a 15-day trial of Modo 701 here

I would recommend upgrading to 3DS Max.

I used to use Milkshape 3D and still use it here and there.

Thanks for recommended Modo to me, but do you know how to import this into a program so I can add the following:

Wheel animations
The Car Skeleton “might make my own skeleton or use the HL2 jeeps”
And making a Collision Box. “I believe thats a seperate program”

I dont know much about skeletons, there is a skeleton in Modo but i never used it
I only use it for modeling, texturing and simple rendering

3DS Max looks like a neat program, but do you know where I could get 2012 version? I’ve tried the 2014 version, and it doesn’t follow with any Modellling Tutorials for Gmod.

the Autodesk site, maybe?
I have no idea.

I personally find blender quite user friendly, once you get used to using all the keyboard shortcuts. Plus there are a fair few of tuts. on YouTube. The main issue I had with max was the over complicated way you setup uv maps and add textures/materials.

But that’s just a personal thought.


cinema 4d

If you think about it from the perspective of the industry later on, 3ds max and/or maya are typically the preferred choices for standard modeling. ZBrush is usually the preferred choice for high polygon character sculpts, although you can do all kinds of other useful things in it as well. Note that for ZBrush or any other sculpting programs such as mudbox, you will want a drawing tablet to actually use it.

Overall, your final choice is completely personal preference and you don’t have to go with any of these. If you end up going professional later on, your company may or may not care what program you use anyway as long as you can yield the same results, though most of them probably already have license agreements set up with larger companies like Autodesk or Pixologic.

Yay someone else who uses c4d, personally I think he should just try all of the ones listed out. There really is not great software. You can create the same quality of work with all of them.

Also no offense to anyone but I really do not think beginners should start off with using zbrush and stuff like that. I feel it teaches bad geometry and can risk them having issues down the road, but it is all up to him.

Now I am not saying don’t use zbrush. Zbrush is great for a lot of things.

I don’t understand how it would “teach bad geometry” let alone know what that is. It’s not “3d modeling” but rather 3d sculpting which can be of use or can big ignored. Rather than making a bunch of polygons in 3ds max, you just jump in and sculpt whatever organic shapes you want. Once your – well let’s just go with character – is made, you have a model which probably extremely highly detailed. Since it’s a high poly sculpt, the topology it has doesn’t really matter at that point. You can take it into a program like 3ds max to bake it onto a model with a more reasonable polycount and cleaner topology, or you can just use the topology tools to create a mesh with “clean geometry.” If you choose to ignore it, that’s the person, not the program.

Maya for film

3ds for games

Blender for fun

Maya and Blender can be used for games >:V

And Blender can most definitely be used for films

Yeah, but if you’re looking to take it into a developer route that’s what it is.

Maya is ALWAYS used for film, and 3DS by the majority of any game companies is the standard.

Blender is really not an industry standard unless it’s very small companies.

Actually ZBrush is used in a lot of modern films now, even compared to Maya. It’s a lot easier for them to just jump in and sculpt exactly what they want.

Blender is just underrated

It certainly can produce industry standard results