what kind of requirements do i need to gain a rust beta key ?

Hi developers and owners, i was wondering where i can obtain a rust beta key if possible, i love the look of the game and it is certainly in my mindset of games. if i could get a key would be very grateful and play alot, i would never abuse glitches or bugs and i have next to no clue on how to hack. i would be no threat and i would please me alot to play this game. thankyou for your time. :slight_smile:

PS: when will the game be estimated to be released?

Dude everyone want keys (including me) but the devs are not giving them atm. When they need more testers they will give them out.

BiteMe, there’s probably 100 or more people begging for keys here.
Look down the posts, everyone wants one. Dev’s are done with having to give out beta keys because of too many people on them. However, if you buy Gold (top right hand corner)
you have a chance.

No beta keys at this time, unless you are a gold member at which garry sometimes posts keys there.

It will be released when it is ready.

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will it be free or cost? if you know


if you have you have your account for 5 years and have 10,000 posts, you get one

ooh lucky me!

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You will play alot?
Who’s alot?

be the luckiest person on earth

Maybe over 200 peoples begging for keys at here