What kind of server would you like to see more?

Heyo, not sure if this is a good idea to make a thread about but i for some time i got a VPS which is dusting away.

I hosted several Gmod servers and i always enjoyed doing it, the problem was that it had lots of downtime due it being hosted on my PC.
But now i got a VPS so thats fixed
Anyway the question was, what kind of gamemode should i host? I always liked to host RP servers but yeah, another DarkRP server would not really get the attention of players.

Not sure if anyone remembers it but i hosted Realm of the MadGod horror server which was running gm_ghosthunt2

Host what you like best.

meh… If this thread is still open, the stalker gamemode would be fun!

Never heard of that one before, got a link?

It’s the oldest version about the stalker. Only one server seems to be running it but its fretta. (Joker Ice)

I think maybe… DarkRP perhaps? I’m joking, though I have no issue with the gamemode.

Anything but another Dark RP server. Try some of the openauroa game modes, those are pretty high quality from what I’ve experienced.


Drug, sports car, drama, weapons, and organized crime simulator.

I’d suggest Sandbox. Only issue is Sandbox is only fun if you play with friends or have something unique.


> thruster_soundname ???
> use thruster

i am currently having the same issue deciding what im thinking about is a medieval cityrp
we are coding everything custom

I don’t get your post.

I would like to see a decent Fretta or GMParty.

local thrusterSoundList = {};

for k, v in pairs( list.Get(“ThrusterSounds”) ) do
if (v.thruster_soundname) then
thrusterSoundList[#thrusterSoundList + 1] = v.thruster_soundname;

Sets whether this is a toggle thruster or not
function ENT:StartThrustSound()

    if ( !self.SoundName || self.SoundName == "" ) then return; end
    if ( !table.HasValue(thrusterSoundList, self.SoundName) ) then

    if ( !self.Sound ) then
            self.Sound = CreateSound( self.Entity, self.SoundName )

    self.Sound:PlayEx( 0.5, 100 )



I was also thinking about having a sandbox since they can be pretty fun if done right
I got some ideas that could make it a bit more interesting but i don’t have any coding experience (LUA)

I want to see more servers with passionate owners that are genuinely passionate about the gamemode they’re hosting. It’s pointless to host a gamemode that you don’t enjoy playing because unless you play your own gamemodes and become a player of your own gamemodes yourself, you’ll never really know what is fun and what isn’t from experience.

The idea of coming here on Facepunch and asking, “Hey guys, what gamemodes do you want to see?” is completely wrong. It means you’re aiming solely for popularity. That’s not how you’ll get popular. Popular servers are a consequence of high quality servers. High quality servers, on Garry’s Mod, are a consequence of high quality and fun gamemodes. High quality and fun gamemodes are a consequence of a developer/owner who actually enjoys this gamemode and keeps playing it and improving where he finds flaws or potential for improvement.

Once that’s done, you’ll always find someone to play your servers, regardless of the gamemode.

So when you come here to ask us what gamemodes we want to see, here’s what I’ll answer; what gamemode do YOU want to see? Got the answer? Good, now go do it.

I made this thread to see what the gamemode is in high demand. Not to be popular

Why do you care what gamemode is in high demand though?

Since that is what the players want the most?

So you want popularity.

Want to see what people like the most, not popularity since i don’t want to build off from that.

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I’m creating a VIS-Star gamemode server, so nevermind.