What L4D2 Maps do people want?

I’ve decided to stick to a project for a good half year or so so i can add it to my graphics coursework, but i need a good idea (if you want to say each stage that’s cool). Preferably not something from a movie.

Cheers, i’ll credit you if i do it.

To prove i can map

An underground cave or something with barely any lights and outdoor areas.

A meaningless cold void of mechnical machines and metals.

make it something new and original! A good mapper needs to be inginuitive!

something that involves escape on a train

Can do. I’ll try some tunnel tech aswell. Been a while since i did any good bumpmaps.

Vault 101

Yes. Do it. Including the awesome vault door escape scene :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d quite like to see something set a forest a bit like Blood Harvest was for the original L4D.

How about you escape from the vault and find the world has been taken over by zombez so you have to fight your way through to a city a few hundred metres away where you discover an evacuation on the other side of the city so you have to fight your way through, encountering various obstacles (car in the way, barricades etc.) then when you get there you go into a massive bunker via a train in a tunnel, the bunker is a massive scientific research lab thing where they’re researching cures and vaccinations, and the zombez get inside (don’t tell the player how) and you basically fight through to a large hosptial room where you get trapped and the player says something like “Well I guess this is” or “I always thought I would die blah blah” then it fades out.

I like it, perhaps not the ending but the rest is great. Will try it out thanks.

What about a map with different paths?


Kind-of-a diagram I drew up to show an entire campaign with different paths. I might plan on actually making this.

Interesting concept, i actually like that idea a lot, the logistics could be interesting but it would certainly be unique.

How about a free-roaming town map? Sort of like survival/co-op/roleplay combined.

Like a map where, rather than just following the obvious route, you have to actually work out where to go using clues, such as; maps, dead people that look like they were going somewhere, sounds in the distance that you can follow (e.g. sirens, screams for help etc.).

If you were going to do my other idea, you could incorporate that gameplay into the city.

How about a map in in london around about the 1960s!


But if not, I was thinking of a sort of maze map, fully utilising the randomised path system. You could have dozens of different routes to the exit!

Survival in a clock tower

Hunting rifles only

oh god the movie references

I would love a map set in the UK. i don’t think someone has made one.
When i say in the Uk, i also mean some of the shop’s, Cars ect.

I Would love you if you do that…