What Linux OS would you reccomend for hosting a server?

At the minute, Im using centOS 6, which is apparently not that good, any recommendations?


k den

I honestly have had no problems with CentOS.
I run 6 TTT servers with CentOS 6 perfectly fine. I find it more lightweight if you have a minimal installation.

CentOS or debian

CentOS for sure.

If you’re experienced enough, I would say ArchLinux.

Why? So you know exactly what’s been installed, and in turn keep the background overhead to a minimal. Otherwise, either CentOS or Debian.

It’s not like gmod needs that tiny bit of resources.

Personally opinion from a game server hoster who’s stuck on debian:
I would say ubuntu or alternatively Debian.
Ubuntu because that’s most close to what Valve and Garry uses for compiling. You will not most likely have incompatibilities that’d require big changes in the system to get srcds back working.
Debian stable gets outdated so easily: even right now I run a custom glibc only for srcds. Testing and even unstable are okay for game servers, but be prepared to need to fix a unstable installation or hack a stable one with newer packages.
CentOS is even more outdated I think and has same problem as with debian stable. ArchLinux would probably work too, but I’ve been left with a bad taste from it.
CentOS is for servers, not game servers. Game servers don’t require 99,999% uptime.
Ubuntu server edition is not too bloated, you can easily remove what you don’t need. Debian server same, etc.

I use Ubuntu and haven’t had any problem with it.

CentOS 6 or Ubuntu