What made you buy Garry's Mod?

So what made you want to buy it?

I originally got it after reading all of Concerned. I loved seeing all the stuff that was done in that comic.

This Video alone made me want Gmod.

My brother showed me in back when it was in like, v8. I hardly remember anything about it, but by the time I had HL and shit, 9 was out, so I downloaded it. Then when 10 came out I was ecstatic, so I bought it.

everyone had it

and i loved videos

I had heard a lot about GMod, as well as the orange box, and I really wanted both for a while.
Problem is, my PC was crap (integrated graphics, 512mb ram).
Then later on, I got my dads old laptop, which could actually play games. I downloaded Half Life 2 Deathmatch from the NVidia deal, to see how HL2 would run. Seeing as it ran pretty good, I then bought Orange Box for $20 at retail, and soon afterwards, I bought Garrys Mod and became addicted to it for a while.

Base / Fort Building.

My friend who uses pirate bay like a priest uses a bible pirated it, he let me play and i was AMAZED, but he told me that the online didn’t work becuase he pirated it, so i decided to buy it for myself.

Gmod is close to nothing without online.

Loved the community and the game, then when I could support a full game purchase, I did. Props garry, you crazy motherfucker.

Watching videos of it on youtube.

^^ Exactly ^^

I laughed so hard at some of them

Spacebuild made me buy GMod. But I was dissapointed since I thought it had advanced gravity…

Though that does not matter since GMod is incredibly epic in every way.

My server has gravity… its an add-on you put on the game or server

Spherical planets that you could walk around on etc.

Worst is that I even thought the planets were huge after I saw some spacebuild stuff on youtube.

Oh no not spherical ones. They’re all flat based and small but size is for a reason though. if the map is too big they wont process right or something, I was told there is a size limit on maps.

As far as gravity goes its pretty dynamic at least on my server. The closest planet to a prop in space will pull that prop to it.

Searched for a mod to spawn stuff. At that time, I wanted to spawn explosive barrels and shoot them at combine. Found Gmod ver7b via google.

I orginally picked up gmod 9 on the side with SMOD tactical. I played it for a bit, but what forced me to get gmod 10 was it didnt have a trail stool and I wanted to make a firework…
Wow I was a noob. Damn fireworks…

i wanted it since it came out but i didn’t have a computer that wasn’t on windows 98 till like two years ago.

Gravity that can make so you can walk around on a round planet…
Props would also stick on there.

That is “ADVANCED gravity” Not “sv_gravity 500”

unfortunately there aren’t any spherical planet maps yet (At least i havent seen any yet) but i get what your saying, That would be interesting.

I’ve seen a demo of one on Youtube, but it was really blocky and buggy as shit.