What make a server awesome?

The script? The people? Admins? Tell me what makes a great server?

Is this a build server or what.

the community

and the originality

and if the owner knows things

Any server

New things, that other servers don’t have. You have to give them a reason for: Why choose this one and not the other one?

Well I see servers that have way better scripts that are empty and I see other servers that have really plain scripts but with great people in it.

Well i’m fine with an admin that isn’t nine years old or younger.

Mixture of the owner having a know-how of how to run servers, and it being a fun gamemode.


Admins don’t have much effect unless you don’t restrict what people can do.

I’d say people, and whats in it, like wire phx or noclip.

Advertisement / Connections get you more people. If not, how are people going to know of your server?
I mean, you buy a plain server and you set it up how you want… Now what? You’re sitting there alone in your server for an hour until finally a random minge joins. He looks around, sees nobody then leaves. How fun is that?

The server is a big part, sure.
The real hard part is getting an active community there.

This. :slight_smile:

Nice people, Admins that do events and not just sit around, farm their admin jobs, and ban, and just a fun server which the people playing on it have to do.

A server with wire/phx, no micspamming kids and fair admins - And im happy.