What makes a bad TTT server?

Obviously things like bad or negligent staff members and loading screen music are on this list, but in your opinion, what makes a TTT server bad? If applicable, what actions could be taken to improve it?

Minecraft, but that’d filter out 90% of the TTT servers.

I have Minecraft on my server. As soon as people vote for it, it stays on for about 50 more rounds

I actually enjoy minecraft maps compared to most others. They’re (mostly) really well thought out and don’t rely on CS:S textures like most others.

I mean j wouldn’t address as bad but generic servers where you play for points and that’s all. You need things that people are always gonna be competitive in order to receive things?. No pay to win tings

lack of votemap/maps
having a set map rotation is gonna get boring eventually

paid admin/mod spot (just a bad, bad idea)

I used to run TPS TTT and I can pretty much list a whole lot of things:

  • People being able to purchase T rounds over and over and over and over and over again.

  • Shit ton of custom models that will take a year’s worth of points to get just one

  • Lack of active staff on the server

  • Jetpacks. They are always overpowered and a fucking nuisance.

  • Lack of a reasonable punishment system for people that RDM frequently

  • Lack of a variety of tools/weapons for Traitors/Detectives

In my opinion, a good TTT server should focus their monetization towards cosmetics rather than gameplay advantages.

Are you referring to the PointShop jump packs or actual jetpacks?

Both sound like awful ideas.

I think balance in a a TTT server is actually deceptively important to gameplay due to the wide variety of items and weapons that can potentially be in the game.
So something people may look over could be balance, a lack of balance could will make a TTT server objectively bad.
Some other things :
-Rules that are too harsh on accidents (it is still a game, after all )
-Allowing too much mic spam or allowing too little mic usage
-Donators/Admins being objectively stronger ( whether it be stats, items, boosters etc)
-Endround/Load in music you can’t kill
-Lack of customization

Ik some were already said but fuck you in saying it too

Countless weapons which kill instantly after a single hit.

the only punishment should be a permaban when it’s obvious someone is intentionally trying to piss people off or ruin someone else’s fun. there’s no reason to ban someone who’s intentionally being an asshole for 3 days, just for them to come back later and grief again. if they actually care about the server, they’ll find a way to contact you

also, there shouldn’t be any arbitrary slay bullshit for “”“rdm”"" when someone kills accidentally kills an innocent, or gets tricked by the traitor

there are so many idiots that can’t understand what an accident is. slaying is a waste of time and doesn’t do shit

just let people play, and ban people who are intentionally being assholes

it sounds simple to do, and it IS simple to do

so many servers just have arbitrary punishments that don’t serve any purpose other than existing for the sake of existing

A bad TTT server has:

-24/7 Minecraft Maps
-Small map rotation
-Anime Skins (Ok, it could be a good server but at this point I just hate them)
-Shop perks that allow advantages
-Long load times
-Strict RDM rules
-Lack of admin discretion
-Lack of admins
-T weapons that give T’s advantages without some cons
-D weapons that give D’s advantages without some cons.
-Donator perks other than a title (i.E vote ban, kick, stats etc.)
-Long list of unnecessary rules of the “Philosophy” of RDM.
-Slay for damaging someone while flying in a prop. (This pisses me off. Isn’t this the point of ghosting in a prop??)

Ill probably think of more as I relive my 1k hours of TTT. But those are the ones that seriously tick me off and yet everyone seems to have.

There’s a couple of things that I absolutely hate about most TTT servers I’ve tried. Ruins the gamemode completely, but it seems to be the norm for servers. The most annoying thing is… the ruleset. I don’t mind servers having some rules here and there to make it an overall better experience obviously… but for some reason people insist on having rules that completely change the gamemode for the worse.


  • You’re only allowed to shoot someone if you witness them doing something traitorous. Great, now I can’t use logic or detective skills or anything to kill someone because that’d be RDM!
  • Traitors aren’t allowed to trick innocents/detectives into killing each other. For some reason. Even though that’s like… the point of the gamemode.
  • If you happen to kill an innocent (while not being T obviously) because you were “100%” sure they were a traitor, you’ll still get punished for it. Basically rule #1 but you get fucked for accidents
  • Can’t camp. Sure, if it’s in some incredibly bullshitty position I get it. But why punish people for doing what they’re supposed to, surviving? Just because it’s by running down the clock?
  • Not identifying bodies is traitorous, and if don’t do it as innocent/detective you’ll get punished. You can pull off some great mindgames on traitors by not doing it. Again, preventing the use of legitimate tactics.

And so on and so on…

It’s a game about deception and trickery. Let it be like that instead of adding so many dumb rules that just turns the game into a deathmatch, but with randomly selected people who gets slightly stronger weapons.

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Oh yeah and then there’s a bunch of other stuff that isn’t rule-related but just shitty design:
-24/7 one specific map, or a voting system that really just ends up cycling between the same two maps.
-No use of ghost props. It’s all good fun and gives people something else to use to their advantage. Or to avoid.
-Overload of fucking T/D weapons/equipment. I don’t want to see 50 different things where half is useless and half is fucking broken. Just add a few, good ones and try to balance them.
-Donator perks. Do I even need to say why?
-Being able to buy T/D rounds. Again, do I need to say why?
-Admins/users with voteslay/kick powers slaying or kicking that one last guy alive because they think he’s “too slow”. Round timer exists for a reason. Lower it/complain to the owner if you’re too impatient
-T/D weapons that one-shot or similar function. Knife is an exception imo because it requires you to be close and only has one use but I’ve seen servers with silenced one-shot snipers and revolvers that insta-kill traitors if you hit them. It’s just generally awful weapon design.

I agree with most of your points on this. I don’t agree with the body stuff, it’s pretty suspicious when you hear gunshots and then see a guy run past a body. With donator perks it really varies. On my server you gain extra XP, extra money and get free stuff for logging in every day. People who pay for VIP earn stuff faster than normal users, but I never intend for my server to be pay to win.

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Also who the fuck disables prop possession, we’ve had some great laughs on my server with that

Becoust laughin violates rule 345a1

Yeah that’s fair enough, I mean when you get punished by the admins for doing it. As in, you get punished because you made someone lose karma/get themselves killed for killing you (an innocent) because of what you did. Yeah it’s alright if you decide to kill someone for not checking bodies, but it shouldn’t be something you’d end up being slayed/kicked/banned for not doing.

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I know right? It’s so much fun but I guess too many people whine about taking 2 hp damage because they couldn’t dodge the flying watermelon

CSS is completely dead in gmod, and there are very few TTT maps that don’t use CSS textures. I made the decision to change over to minecraft only maps (because they dont use css) a few years ago when my pop was down and we have rebounded since.

I remember getting banned for hacking on one of those servers because the dipshit owner thought it’d be a good idea to even give smgs (cs:go guns) instant headshot kills with very high accuracy.

Makes me wonder if people even bother testing something before adding it.

what do you mean CS:S is dead?

It’s very easy to get the CS:S content yourself without buying the game by using steamcmd even. It actually kinda makes me wonder why robotboy doesn’t just ship the content with gmod. But otherwise you can still put up a very easy guide on your forums of how to get the css content using steamcmd.

I think a TTT server starts to be bad when

Custom chat, pointshop, skins, 191234 downloads, lots of annoying huds and people with 1 dollar spam microphones