What makes a good hud?

I’ve been looking into making a decent HUD, I just want to know, what do you think makes a decent HUD?

As in, what features make a HUD stand out from the rest?

I needs to display all the information need, Not take up too much screen space, Look nice

What sort of colours would you expect to see, and what sort of layout?

Depends on the style of gamemode screenshot what you have

It’s the HUD I showed you earlier on remember?

I want to remake that, into a better HUD, from scratch so I know what I need to do and implement.

So far, I have a basic Health bar, Armour bar, Current Ammo bar, Outside Clip ammo bar, and Secondary Fire ammo bar. And i’ve made it so if you are not holding a weapon, then the Ammo stuff does not appear, and if you are dead it all disappears ( Basically i’ve got the basic settings and whatnot, just need to know what would be good to add to make it look sexy )

I’d say no hud at all, depending on what kind of gamemode it is. All gamemodes have HUD’s, try and make one with minimum HUD.


  • You look at someone and a health bar and name appear.
  • You look down(add legs to your gamemode)and you see your condition.
  • Your in a car and 2d3d text appears on the backwindow or on de ground behind the car.

Think of something no one did before so we want to play your gamemode.

Generally having bars make up every percentage on your hud is a bad idea. Try evening things up, like with smaller things like secondary ammo it would be good to have a number, important things like hp could use the bar.

Yeah, ok, thanks for the advice :smiley: