What makes a good server?

I just opened a TTT server (2 weeks ago) and it’s been good as dead since it’s opened. I’m probably just impatient but I feel like I need some input

My server tries to be unique in that there are absolutely no rules and the karma system is the behemoth in control. Too many servers have different rules where in some situations make sense, but in others are stupid to enforce. Ontop of this switching servers can be annoying as habits from some servers can get you banned from others. I got sick of this and decided that it should be up to the player whether what is traitorous and what is not. If their ability to find and kill traitors sucks, their karma goes down. Karma is very strict and bans people for almost a week if they go below the limit.

This is all well and good (in my opinion), but what could you guys suggest me adding to the server to make it better?
Or what can I do to polish it?
What’s good for servers in general?
I’m just wondering what yo’ opinions are.

also, if you’re wondering my server’s got:

  • pointshop (stupid bonuses removed, all cosmetics)
  • quite a few custom detective/traitor items (i try to keep them balanced)
  • a doritos/mountan dew playermodel (seemed fun at the time to add these, should I leave them or are they too absurd for ttt? i’m removing them for now)
  • gibmod (ragdoll dismemberment, just for fun)

All new communities usually dont start strong right out the gates. But for starters, get your name out there, have some of your friends play on the server with you and try to get their friends to play, hopefully it’ll branch out to enough people that you’ll get a steady pace of players on the server and it’ll go from there. Also dont rush things, implement new things as things server wise rise, too much content at one time will leave players bored.

I’m glad you started a server! But generally things like this don’t happen overnight unless you’re lucky! Branding, Uniqueness, People are whats going to help you. Whats different about your server than others? Why would i join your server and keep returning? Do you even get on your server when its empty?

no paid or workshop addons.

Don’t be generic.

Do your own thing.

Make it personal.

Ta-da, you’ve made a server that’s not server list filler.

You should focus on getting friends to initially populate the server rather than its content atm

no pointshop

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on ttt, other gamemodes are fine

It is called, make something unique with a purpose. Do not make a generic roleplay nor TTT nor Prophunt. Here is 3 words of wisdom, follow by them: Clean, Custom, Cool. The 3 Cs.

This is the only thing I disagree with… Why?

why would i play your server when i can paste together the same shit?

Best thing you can do, is get a bunch of friends together and have them play and afk in the server overnight. Dont focus on too much content and dont over think the server. Also don’t get discouraged when you dont have many players, Thats what kills most new servers.

You can, but lots of people can’t.

i have 1 or 2 friends that populate the server from time to time but it’s mostly empty with just me on it experimenting with stuff

Balanul you forgot the part where you have to join a previously established community, donate to work your way up, copy the server behind the server owner’s back, then recruit their players/staff behind their back by offering them ranks and crap, and then once you actually get your new stolen community going… you shut down the community and scam all your player base out of their custom class donations… you clown… how dare you give advice to anyone you are pathetic… i am surprised you think you have room to give anyone advice about running a server/community

the doritos and mountain dew playermodels are ridiculously out of proportion with their hitboxes and will make a lot of people very angry

yeah i’ve removed them