What Makes a Good server?

And no im not a total idiot asking this, its just something to discuss.
Everyone has there own views such as a well organized server is a happy server, Post away…

No admins that are too stupid to realise their responsibility, no unnecessary addons that take 15 minutes to download for a new guest and no retarded rules like “Don’t disagree with an admin’s opinion he is Jesus”.

Vanilla sandbox on gm_construct.

Lots of Fluffy Kitens.

A responsible administration team is probably one of the most important things you will need. Too many people (including myself) have been permabanned for the most ridiculous reasons. Primarily why I stick to the one server I am admin on, that way I can do my part to prevent trouble while building my own things at the same time.

Well apart from that. Thats a obvious thing (Im talking to Timenova and Axiom) My Admins get picked by the people in votes and anyone who votes agaisnt them gives a reason, it all adds up in the end. I hate Admins who only care about themselfs and simply dont give a shit about anyone else’s well being.

What makes a good server is first off:

  1. Good Admins

If you have crap admins then the game is absolutely no fun at all because your either being:

A) Slapped and caged and burned all at once


B) Being screamed at by a stupid 10 year old to share your props or “i will be dun perme bane u dum prik”

  1. Good player base (No minges)

If you have good admins this is basically canceled out because they will usually ban them. But if you dont have good admins it wont matter because you wont have any minges in your server.

That makes me Happy face :D.

  1. No stupid amounts of download times

Seriously, we dont care about your stupid “1337 haxorz effect sound”, keep your server nice and clean with maybe some PHX, wiremod and other simple stuff most people should have, or nothing at all.

  1. Good map

This one is pretty simple, dont make your map on “Hover skate park” or something stupid. Keep it to Flatgrass, Contruct or any of the original ones and others that have good amounts of buildspace.


That’s, in my opinion, what a good server should be.

Vote agree or disagree.

Have a good server name.
Have good addons like PHX3, WireMod, Adv. Duplicator.
Have admins that don’t abuse.

That all I have :expressionless:

I like how you made it 10 year olds since your 12

DFTBA Public Server :eng101:

No fancy admin mods, just ban.kick it filters out the ones who become admin to abuse and stops any current abusers, its interesting how well is works,

Top 5 List:

  1. Stupid generic maps: tbh I’ve seen good Rp on rp_downtown maybe once or twice, and it turned into a prop spamming fuckfest anyway. The map that I’ve nearly always had a good time on was rp_tb_city45, rp_oviscity and omgcityfinal, they were the classic and best in the west. Tbh when downtown was born, RP died alot more than it already had.

For sandbox servers, maps tend to stay to gm_wireconstruct and stuff like that, which is fine but in my opinion, the intimacy of gm_construct or gm_flatgrass makes building alot more fun, these maps with huge unnecessary spaces and underground god-knows-what maps it complicated for players to find each other and interact.

  1. Server environments, although this isn’t covering admins directly, it relates to their job. On sandbox servers, admins really need to be having a social worker type of attitude. The best admins I’ve found explore their server and talk to all their players, getting to know what they’re doing, giving some input on how to build it or help, then moving on. It creates an intimate game environment where the player has already a friend to talk with. I think that most minges (MOST not ALL) start spawning barrels etc. because they have nothing to participate in, and have nobody to entertain their little minds. I’ve seen 12 year olds on servers that were perfectly tame because the server and it’s people provided an excellent working environment.

  2. Admins. Related to my 4th point, Admins should be moderating their server. Creating that ‘server environment’ is vital to the formation of a community, which will grow in its own due time. Admins can be almost any age and be effective at keeping a community together. People tend to jump on 12-year olds for being immature, but that’s the stereotype. Most can be mature in their own right and show administrative qualities if they are provided the right tools. Sure it might be easier to just give a 17 year old like me Admin, but I might be pms’ing about a Physics Exam (come on 73%!! :@) and end up minging harder than anyone on the server.

In rp, the best admins actually went out in their server and started creating RP events for the players. It might not be as complicated as creating a zombie survival or something, but getting the whole community involved in a murder investigation, or the promise of following clues to a stash of weaponry or cash or something. It doesn’t have to be something grand, but something that gives direction to the whole server, which redirects people from minging behavior. Now, permabanning is dumb for something like flinging a chair at an admin with a physgun, but tbh, how bad does it hurt you? Permabanning somebody for doing something dumb while bored is the equivalent of punching somebodies face in for bumping you in a crowded corridor. Give them a warning first, if they do it again immediately, kick them with the message “I warned you…”, if they come back with aggression and chuck a spaz, ban them for an hour or something saying “Come back when you’ve calmed down”.

  1. Server Content/Rights

I don’t know how many times I’ve went on a server, saw people building awesome stuff and got inspired to build something awesome too. So I start spawning props, pull out my toolgun and load in an essential tool from the Q menu. As I fire it, a terrible buzz blasts through my speakers and the message “You need to be Trusted to use this tool”. I’m sure you would agree, this is very irritating. Now this might be ok for something like Dynamite or Prop Spawners but I’ve seen this “Trusted Only” on stuff like Hydrolics and Stacker. Now, I can understand, people can come on the server and be complete tools by making retarded contraptions that annoy everyone. But in anecdotal (again), the best servers had NO restrictions, because they could Trust anyone who comes on their server. Although it is entirely up to you, you might want ToolTrust just for extra security, but you should really have a think about which tools need to be blocked and remember to add people to ToolTrust when they become regulars.

Content wise, some rp servers really need big content packs to play it’s specific theme. But its be made clear earlier in this thread: you DO NOT need “turtleskinLOL.mp3” which is the size of the old Age of Empires installer. Now when it might be fun to have cool models that will be awesome on RP to have, none of that is really needed on Sandbox, and stupid sounds arent needed at all. An old gmod clan of mine used to have pretend military situations, all we needed for that was PHX, Wire, Nukes, CSS Weapons and Military Models pack and it was the best fun I’ve ever had.

Number ONE. The Players/Community.

This one is a no brainer, without the players, there wouldn’t be a server. Just a desolate IP address. For sandbox, you really want a whole variety of people on your server. This can range from E2 Experts, to realist builders, to total noobs building a catapult. Having one or two guys play around with their new E2 contraption is awesome, but having 10 people on a server all staring at a chip with red gears above their heads is just plain boring. Having one noob using a catapult to fling flaming barrels isn’t that bad, amusing even, but having a whole server of noobs throwing barrels at each other is not a good time. You want different people, doing different things at all times, that way people get inspired and the building never stops.

Having a community is awesome, but it can be fragile if nobody ever tries to cue their boredom. Everyone gets bored, and when they have no inspiration, it’s inevitable. When people get bored, they start throwing barrels at each other, and it all goes to hell. From then, theres no turning back, someone’s contraption gets hit by a barrel, fucks up the contraption, then that person is pissed. Conflict can easily be avoided. Once on a server which I wasn’t part of the community, they invited me to come join in their “Build Games”. Basically, the admin would choose a theme, and the server had to build (or work with a partner) something from that topic in 15 minutes. For example, the admin said “Asian!” and we build a bowl of fried rice complete with chopsticks! Another group made a small Buddhist shrine with that Asian Rebel ragdoll praying to it.

Players make the server, but other factors contribute to it’s success. If you can find the right balance of all of these things, your server will be totally gun.

Here’s my preferences in a nutshell- Social admins that, if they use mic read chat, or if use chat listen to mic.

No rank-based restrictions- I don’t want to idle on a server for 80 more hours just to spawn 30 more props at a given time.

Good community- One annoying player can ruin everything.

Tolerance of total dolts- Yeah, that 12 year old prop-pushing and making sex poses with the kliner ragdoll may be annoying, but it takes a special kind of admin to not ban them on sight, and those are usually the ones that are best for the server in general.

Admins that don’t pay for their title- Admins that pay 5$ a month, etc for admin on a server are usually the adminges that go on a killing spree and ban the first person to fight back.

For the most part Fayth beat me to what I would have said, uggh.

Proud (troll) owner of one.

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