"What makes a great soldier..." + Bonus

“…his brain or his heart?”

I got very inspired by BiA game. Truly.


And a bonus:



Bloom makes a great soldier


So maybe some constructive criticism now? I need comments…

Brothers in Arms is bad-ass. That is all.

Nice pic Trek.

The second picture is ok, I guess, but what’s with the colours on the first one?

Sir, you are best. I like you.

Love the Silhouetted one

I was trying to make a epic dusk effect.

The second one is really nice. You nailed the dusk effect.

The second one is much better than the first, It just looks really nice you definitely got the dusk feel just spot on.

The color scheme you got going really sets a great mood. I loved BIA series/games.
(1000th post woot)

Simple, but I love it, the silhouettes really match the in-most-other-occasions-horrible bloom alot