What makes a map wanna be played?

Ya, I’m making a map that is going to be for building but I wanna know what makes you guys want to play a map.

for example, I LOVE gm_bigcity because its huge and has alot of variety and building room and it is kinda realistic.
I LOVE gm_contruct for it’s simplicity.

So facepunch what makes YOU want to play a map, and also can you mention a map that you play alot and why?

Well, first it has to be pleasing to the eye. That means add lighting, change the skybox to something other than the default one, add decals and overlays where needed, etc.

Second, having a layout would be nice. If you start a map and decide on a whim that you need to add this or that, it will look a bit more hastily made. Think about a floor plan first, sketch it on paper in detail, marking everything, then proceeding to hammer to make what you sketched.

Finally, take your time. A 5-hour rushed map with a sketched floor plan will look much worse than a map that takes hundreds of hours but has no floor plan at all.

Also, i dont want a gm_construct or flatgrass remake… those are used often because they dont have to be downloaded… i need some kind of interesting thing to make me wanna download+play a map


I think the real question here is, what makes a map NOT want to be played.

buttons, switches, doors, ect…

wow no need to be an ass.

for one you should use clean textures (often normal mapped or shiny ones work to attract the eye)

Clean textures are a must for any non-hl2 styled maps. also, if you use crazybump, learn how to use it properly (MOAR SHINY does not mean MOAR AWESOME), it was one of the issues I had when I first started using crazybump, everything was way too shiny and bumpy.

I don’t want another build map. Everyone should be satisfied with our big plethora already. I want something original, good looking.

I’d be amazed to see one post from you, just one, that wasn’t inferring something bad or just blatantly flaming or stupid. Please consider what your post sounds like.

Why would I tell you? xD

Okay, basically look at everything that has already been done. Then say “none of that’s going to be in my map.”
We can’t tell you because we don’t know; you have to make something entirely new for it to succeed. Maybe not original, but something that hasn’t been seen in a Gmod map before.

Custom textures and models will always make it look like more effort has gone into the map.

you think im bad? open your eyes to the people replying to new mappers.

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Needs to look good and have something unique in it.

We are providing constructive criticism… not saying:
you fail get out now :fuckyou:

ventalation is a really big plus for me. its fun sneaking around in them. also if its a city but you can go inside them. also if you have some secrets that are more than jsut a hidden button. but yeah deffinity air vents ftw. or sewer stuff