What makes a server good (in your opinion)?

Title says it all. I made this thread for people who are going to make a server and look for something that attracts players. Show your ideas in this thread!
Note, that not every should be identical and “perfect”, take up your own ideas and make the server unique!

Not go on CodeHire and spend a shit ton of money for a bunch of shit.
Do not force upon a design change on the spawn menu.

The absolutely most important thing is community, in the old “clan”/group/whatever I was in I stuck around even when there were no servers up just because of the community being so good.

Also important is having a good coder who can design an actually good UI. Most UIs look like absolute shit made my people who probably need some inspiration.

So pretty much having a server that runs well, looks great, and has a good community.

An owner/developers who aren’t just ideas guys

Good administration.

A fun playerbase, no matter the gamemode. If you have a fun time with other players, you will enjoy playing there.

Concentrate on your players. The players enjoyment is always number one for a good server!

I don’t really mind if your server is unique or has only Coderhire stuff, if the players actually acknowledge the game does not revolve solely around them and makes an effort to interact with others then I’m happy

1.A loading screen that doesn’t blast dubstep in my ears
2. A good player base
3. Owners who actually play and try to be apart of the community

Alot of people in my community say that the server is great because of the playerbase. Honestly I could say the same. I could hate the Gamemode and the map but all that matters to me is community. I wont truly enjoy myself unless there are others to enjoy the time with. If you can’t enjoy the time well at least you have someone to talk to.

Loads of scriptfodder addons!

good old sandbox
proper performance
using frequently used addons (acf wire sprops dupe2 pa ep etc.)
no russians, unless they speak english in chat.
sv_allowcslua 1 !!!
a player / admin base that know what they do (building, scripting etc.)
proper map (no gm_construct or gm flatgrass)

If you insist, I’d like to add a few preferences to this:
No immature kids (X-13/14 year old)
ESPECIALLY no squeakers.
No prop limits of 100-200 for the lowest rank.

Ah yes you’re that guy that ran that shitty copy-paste “battle field gmod” server.

You need to have an owner who actually cares, rather than hogging for donation money and doing what HE likes best. A community can’t go without the owner and the owner can’t go without it’s players.

Also important, if you don’t have pay2win (donating for certain features), the gap between donators and non-donators is way smaller. Good example of this is that on ByB, Supporters had crossbows and they were able to use these to do 1-hit kills. Guess how many people disliked this?

Either way, if you ever start a community or server, you should really do it with the intention to have fun, not to have power and not to gain money. If you’re not willing to invest money in a community, you’re only in it for the money. If you can’t afford it, don’t send you players on a guilt trip saying “If I don’t get x money this month I will shut down the server”

Man ByB is mentioned so often for being shit. Is it really that bad?

I played there for a year, I enjoyed playing there, and I was supporter. I’m not necessarily saying it’s bad, but I do know that in general people hate to play against pay2win kids and ByB was just an example.

Not having any exploits/backdoors :wink:

No pay to win (i.e. Upgrades to gameplay elements through payment of real money - sidegrades are fine however)

Well i’m not saying this makes the server bad but whenever I hear loading music it just turns me off.
Other than that friendly and helpful admins plus a great community make a server good in my opinion.