What makes an RP map so good?

Just a little question for you guys, and that is what makes an RP map so good that everybody want’s to play it…

Thanks if you guys contribute answers.

detail, size and optimazation ofcourse!

gm_construct :v:

Ok, got any pictures of buildings which would look good in an RP map?


RP = Roleplay.
GM = Garrysmod.


Google maps in 3D street view is always a good reference. I’d try taking a look at random streets and such and reference off of that.

Thats what I do LOL

Please don’t do that.

I’d say layout, functionality and a story.

For an RP map to be good, it has to also be a good singleplayer map, imo.

Good idea man, have a heart… :h:


What makes downtown so special is that its a good single player map?

Any GM map you can roleplay on :smug:

pretty much just like any map, originality.

add something nobody else has yet, just the trouble is thinking what.

a skycraper that opens vertically in half and reveals a masive missile launch base.

Hmm… Let me have a think then :v:

-Good lighting
-Big enough to be away from other players, yet not too big where you can’t find players anymore.

  • Enough empty rooms for people to do what they want.

Ok thanks guys, Gives me a good idea what i need in my RP map… Just compiling and will show what i have done and tell me if you would play the map or pass it by please.


Ok here it is (so far, early WIP)
click to enlarge photos.



so… would you Play the map with the detail it has just now?

Add stuff the player can interact with, like a gun machine or buttons that make the CP announcements go off.

Also your map so far looks good. It’s simple, clean and isn’t boring to look at.

I will be adding a vending machine type thing that spawns guns for gun’dealers use only.

A good RP map has to have a story, an atmosphere that is unique to the map. Doing an RP skyscraper or the generic set of RP buildings in the same setting is just a rehash of the same old-same old in my opinion. I’d like to see more people attempting different, more themed, maps. Look at some of the most popular RP maps, they all have a story behind them. RP maps like Evocity don’t have a story, but make up for it in shear content which is mostly out of the reach of normal mappers. So I say, try and think of bizarre and interesting survival situations and think about making a map around that idea.

Think about… ugh, what was that one popular city map in The Specialists. I think it starts with an M… dunno. Anyway, that city had a hospital, police station, 7/11 etc. But of course that game is fairly different (obvious example being the prop spawning of gmod). But, I know I really dug that map when it came to role-playing as the police, thugs, or civilians.

The one thing I liked in that map was that it had one area that was locked to everyone but the mayor (?) or some shiz like that. It kept it mysterious, and everyone always wanted to get into the place. So, you know, gimmicky stuff like that is always fun. To this day, I swear I never fully explored that map.

Gun vending machines will end up getting abused most of the time. You could try having one in a police station however.

Anywho, a good RP map should really have a sense of mystery about it, that’s a really big selling point. For example on TnB, you never actually get to explore the Nexus so you always find yourself wondering. It also needs to be big (But not ridiculously big), be well optimised, and have lots of buildings etc for people to RP in.

Gun machines at a whole shouldn’t be used, They are known for being abusive.