What Makes CS:S BHOP/SURF Better Then GMOD?

I want to know all the things that make CS:S better then GMOD. I try copying CS:S physics on GMOD but CS:S still feels better for some reason. Why is this? Like when I use the same values as CS:S on GMOD people all ways say it’s too flowty, orr it’s too fast. Tell me your options if you BHOP/SURF.

CS:S is based on a whole different movement system. Making values the same won’t do it. But you can mimic the movement to an extent.

Could you mimic the physics with a module? Or is it something so hardcoded that it’s pretty much impossible to change?

No need for a module, you could simulate it with Lua. It’d be a huge pain in the ass, though.

How would you mimic it?

It’s the same thing with CS:GO. In csgo when you bhop you land for like .2 seconds, stop, then continue with your previous speed. In CS:S it’s all one fluid movement. That’s just how the games are.

Mimicking it through Lua is pretty shit.

What do you mean in CS:G, when you bhop you land for like .2 seconds, stop, then continue with your previous speed. Both CS:S and CS:GO are the same way I think you just mean the auto hop is ping based so it lags when you hit the ground a simple auto hop c++ code fixes that or if you’re the server owner you get 1 ping?

For a bunnyhop script? You just have to make the code both clientside and serverside. If you don’t, the client has to wait for the server to tell it that it has jumped.

Just the following code running on both the client and server would work:

hook.Add( "StartCommand", "", function( ply, cmd )
	-- Uncomment this line for 'laggy' behaviour
	-- if CLIENT then return end

	if cmd:KeyDown( IN_JUMP ) and not ply:IsOnGround() then
		cmd:RemoveKey( IN_JUMP )
end )

What I’m trying to get at is saying that autobhop between CS:GO and CS:S is different. CS:S is more fluent and its not just because of ping.