What makes gmod so great?

I know it is a great game and I have played it for a very long time. Still, what makes it so great.

I think that, even after all this time, it is totally unique in offering a modding experience that is not totally locked behind 100+ hours of learning experience just to get started.

For me,its because the freedom to use my creativity.
In past,I usually modify HL2 Jeep or Jalopy into a war machine (attaching machine gun,cannon,etc)

For me, it’s the amazing amount of content and replayability.

I get tired of terraria and have to take a break, after let’s say, 1 very long expert mode playthrough that lasts weeks.
I get tired of minecraft servers after I get to the end and have done everything.
I get tired of TF2 whenever some salty dude starts to target me when I dominate him… and fails miserably and just becomes a minor nuisance.
I get tired of Gmod when I lose in zombie survival 3 times in a row… and then I start it up and start playing it again.

I think it’s the variety.

The many hours I’ve sunk into it has mostly been on RP servers, yet there’s still plenty more in simpler gamemodes like fishing.

Gmod has something for everyone, and that means that, like Brine says, there’s almost an infinite amount of content for you to enjoy that is so broad in how it plays and the people play with.

The gamemodes over the years have always been so unique. It’s the creativity that makes it fantastic.

For me its everything.
Sandbox games like gmod are uncommon.
Gmod is to me best sandbox game.
What makes it bad, its community.
There are a lot of different people that make it so spread and annoying.
(Most of it are kids)
**This is my opinion on it.If you want you can disagree **

Honestly? Aside from the 10 year old demon children, childish mingebags, and other riffraff, there are good things to Garry’s Mod. Some of my friends have been made from Gmod, even some of my best friends. And some of the best gaming experiences I’ve had came from a game that goes on sale for $5.00 every Steam sale, it would seem.

I’ve played Garry’s mod so much, yet there is always something new and fresh that always amazes me, from new mods to new gamemode ideas.

the community

being able to mix first person shooter elements, roleplaying, cars, and physics contraptions, all in the very same game instance
gmod is just such a relatively flexible sandbox game

NPC battles and its open-sourcery.

Just absolute freedom and something always new to try.

98% of the almost 4000 hours i played sandbox because…
building vehicles, mechanical and “eletrical” stuff together with people that are creative and want to learn and do new things. smart people you can work with. and the complexity mods allow, theres still a lot to do even after thousands of hours.

there are several games that try to be a good sandbox but they never let you do complex stuff or stuck in a early access loop that never ends and get abandoned after years.
some also doesnt have multiplayer or got no modding capabilities. both a major factor.
or they use a specific theme that cannot be changed
(homebrew, gearblocks, brick rigs and many more)

gmod can do everything, with limitations but atleast its possible. im having big hopes in s&box to share the freedom of gmod without some limitations, for a even better and longer lasting experience

What he said. You can build almost anything in Gmod with the right mods (Wiremod for me is like an organic part of the game, without it i wouldn’t even install gmod); there’s no limit except your imagination. I really hope S&box capitalizes on that aspect; not just the “framework for gamemodes for 10 year olds” side of gmod.

That makes me feel fun
even if there are stupid people noising in voice chat, you gonna be more smarter and show all your character in truth. It’s the good example in social gaming.
NO ― to similar frags, just a little bit more fantasy, so you [DEL]un[/DEL]usually make any incident in style.
So, take it, dear player, take it and make history of Garry’s Mod fun. <Train arrived> :hypeisreal: <it bumped somebody> :excited: <User fatality.>

Must say that even the right mods have their origin limitations and bugs, that make you stuck with some nice ideas. To get rid of some stumbling things you need development abilities in most situations. That’s the level when “almost anything” is possible, and everything what is “out-of-almost” is engine binding issue.

You’re right, it’s such a joy with Wiremod and custom Lua experiences. Without these things I would never buy the game. So it brought me and I brought it. :wink:

What to say about community? It’s a mirror of messed reality: most players don’t care about original inventions. :hurr: Sometimes you get frustrated of this thing and then get used to it, because of possibilities :magic101: , then repeat. BTW, why in the world I need these people, if we have nothing common much time? Envy are not uncommon here in GMod, so that’s why you need to ignore rumors. :sax: The only thing that detached me from the game is hardware performance degradation. I think it’s nice to get away from games where you don’t feel on the feet.

Anyway, I dream to play this again after I get a gaming computer, so I’ll be able to join gameplay tests. :dance: Opensource is brainwashing thing and I’ll be happy to commit to development of opensource GMod addons. This is the thing which interested me to go back in Garry’s Mod.

I had a lot of fun playing this game: just look at these screenshots. :happy: And…

Like a few others on this thread has pointed out, it has to do with the creative freedom the players possess on the game.

Want to make vehicles? Go ahead.

Want to roleplay with others in a variety of different settings? Just open up the server browser and choose the gamemode you like.

Want to screw around with your friends? Just make your own server and get your friends to go crazy.

It’s just the sheer amount of toxic players r in every gamemode that ruins the fun for me.

The fact that it’s a game that has other games inside.
It’s also a great game for creationists, modelers and scripters.