What makes the gameplay enjoyable?

I’ve been always wondering what makes some of the maps in certain games so enjoyable - ttt_67thway, vsh_skyhigh_resort, rp_downtown(_v2), vsh_crevice, zm_roy_the_ship, cs_office, ttt_rooftops and so on.
All of them are far more replayable than most of the other maps, and despite how hard I was trying to make my maps fun, they all turned out to get boring eventually.

What makes their gameplay so good?

based on rp_downtown_v2, i guess it’ll be the amount of detail the buildings have(plenty of rooms), detailed underground and the gameplay itself

Yes, downtown has sooooo much detail.

I don’t know exaclty what makes this maps replayable, but it’s certain not because of the gameplay.

There’re some factors I was thinking about:

  1. They are light. Fast to download, so you don’t have to wait to play and enjoy the map faster.

  2. They don’t take much resources. They’re made out of the stock items and some of them even don’t use custom games (Just HL2/Garry’s Mod) stock vpk’s. So high FPS even if the map isn’t optimized.

  3. The maps you pointed out weren’t planned to have a good gameplay. They were played so much that the players know every place and know how to teach each other if they’re new.


Make a new hit map is hard, players want something new but they never know what. You have to hit them with something good, light to download, light in performance, don’t need to be the most top in design but somthing different from others and the most important, it has to be clean and easy to walk/drive by.

They must know where to go, to do this record a video showing the map and secrets.

It’s simply fashion, popular maps will be there until another map hit the popular level, so the players can move on to the new “fashion”.

This theory can be wrong but it’s what I was thinking about.

In my experience it differs from game to game. Best example I can give is ZPS. In ZPS our goal was to have maps where survivors only won about roughly 10% of the time so when you did win it was a big deal. Ammo and weapons are to be scarce and sharing required to get a good loadout.

This led to 2 map types becoming the most popular

  1. Objective maps, a lot of people seemed to really like well thought out objective maps that took place in interesting locations and had interesting objectives. Rounds could be quite intense and winning felt like a real victory.

  2. Cabin and Lake of the dead type maps. These were the most ugly maps to become popular. Instead of survivors only winning 10% of the rounds it was zombies winning 10% of the rounds because survivors got to start in prebaricaded rooms with a ton of guns. I still don’t understand how there were 10+ servers that would be full of players playing just this. Sit in a room with a ton of guns and wait. Half the time the round wouldn’t even finish because the people playing zombie would just quit.

So I guess the point I’m trying to make is maybe you shouldn’t aim to make something that’s enjoyable for everyone but you. Make something you enjoy and there’s probably a group of people who will enjoy it. It might take some extra work to find these people but it will probably be worth it.

Or you just like the number 10 xD jk

There’s no pattern, no rules, no guidelines, nothing that makes these maps similar other then they’re popular. You say it’s filesize and fps? Look at evocity. That map has poor fps in downtown and uses so many custom textures that it’s half a gig.

You can try all the advertising you can and glorifying but the hype will die if the map isn’t interesting enough. So what do you do? Just make maps. Keep doing it. There’s so many factors in what people like and don’t like and they’re all subjective. One day you’ll figure it out. And remember. No map is or ever will be perfect or please everyone.