What makes you use your imagination in GMod?

I’m making a new video where I aim to recreate another movie (precisely: the old pre-show from the Honey I Shrunk the Audience movie that plays on Epcot, located at Orlando, Florida). But for that, I will need some help from the community.

So now I ask:
What makes you use your imagination in GMod?

Your answers will be made into pictures, that will be in the movie.
You’ll also be on the credits as a “Contributor”.

(I’m not linking you to the actual pre-show, but you can search on Youtube)

What makes me use my imagination in Gmod? Wire. More specifically, Expression 2. It’s just something about the freedom it provides that makes me think: what HASN’T been done, and how can i do it?

I just mess around with props until the magic question comes to my mind “Oh hey!, What happens if I (Insert random shit here) with this (Insert random prop here)”.

I’m not good builder and I don’t know how to use wire but I surely have a good time messing around with vanilla tools, in singleplayer and multiplayer.

Ummm… lets see…
I guess its… i dont know…
I just build stuff and blowing em up while getting amazed by the awesome physics engine.
Yeah, Team Garry made a realy good job!

Heavy Metal.

Heavy Metal makes me do everything.

Games do. Such as the Nether Drake in WoW, and the Normandy landing the Mako on a planet in Mass Effect.
Reference pictures also do.

Thanks for the answers. I would like to hear more too.

A roll of my mind’s dice.

I think it goes off if it lands on double-threes or something. Usually I’m just bored, and then sometimes an idea strikes me in the back of the head.

Game music mainly.

wire, wire, wire, a million times wire. I generally prefer the old-school, wiring gates to each other, but I’m starting to get in to E2 (E1’s syntax was just too retarded for me to even try to use it; E2 is much nicer).

“The Void”
The real one, that you reach through a leak in the skybox.



It just makes me think about galaxies and coding and pretty much eevverrryyyttthhiiinnggg

especially techno.
don’t say it is shit because I will have you drawn and quarted.

I like to watch movies than try to recreate things in the movie. Or sometimes its very spontaneous like one minute I’ll want to make a rocket car, than I’ll switch it up into a boat. Its like I have Gmod A.D.D.

This is easy. Gmod itself.

Sometimes I don’t even feel like playing it, yet I do it anyway, just because I know I’ll come up with something eventually.

Curiosity, mainly. I just like to see what I can make from whatever there is :expressionless:
That and the need to make something that someone somewhere will like. It just makes me feel good :slight_smile:

watch people’s shit on youtube.

well not all things are shits… some are craps.


just spawn some items, a fast zombie and make a trap that goes of when the zombie jumps near you so the trap goes off and kills the zombie.
And try that too with other npc’s or players :slight_smile:

My hate for other people ;_;
…And my childish behavior that could only be fulfilled by Lego back then, and GMod now.