What map to use for my server?

I were wondering if the were a map that is big and has a open skybox wish is a roleplaying map. I have seen gm_fork and it is a great map but the issue is that it is not a RP map. No houses or anything.

Maps that I allready know of:

Well thats it.

rp_evocity would be good if you need a large map

It is a good map but I am looking for one that has a open skybox. So you can fly around with helicopters and such.

  • Big and open
  • Many enterable houses
  • Good quality
  • Source engine

I’d say wait for Source2. Oh wait…

rp_distant_city_v4 might fit your purposes OP. It’s got

  • an open skybox
  • a decent amount of housing
  • has a very cool government base in the middle, with elevators, a neat prison, and mayor room that can see the whole city.
  • a church with a sekrit door
  • day and night variants.
  • It’s a bunch of connected island platforms, several of which are open, which provides building opportunities.
  • Also being island based allows boats too.

It has like 7 enterable houses and it looks like the most typical sandbox map ever

The only problem with evocity is that when you get up to higher player counts the server might get pretty bad lag!

Just found a pretty cool WIP map.