What maps do you love on trouble in terrorist town?

What maps do you love that you think are most popular on ttt?

I dont like any of them…

Now im not being a dry fish in a lake here, But there all not my type of maps, They should be designed were they have to be creative and i wish there was some kind of like Theme park one, Now that would be creative…

If there is… Please tell me.

Gave me a great idea!

I really like the “the thing” map, because the entire idea behind the movie can essentially be found back in ttt: Who can you trust?

I would enjoy them if they were actually decent looking. Just because they have good playability doesn’t mean they can’t look good. The only ones I have ever seen were fullbright blocky maps.

Strange, all the maps I see uploaded to gmod.org and think ‘ooh that looks nice’ turn out to be TTT