What mean the call_vgui and ply in the umsg.Start('' '')

I trying to learning lua but some things seem to be confusing me and I don’t what mean this part.

sorry for my spelling.

Thanks for help.

AddCSLuaFile( “cl_init.lua” )
AddCSLuaFile( “shared.lua” )

include( ‘shared.lua’ )

function GM:PlayerInitialSpawn(ply)
self.BaseClass:PlayerInitialSpawn(ply) – don’t know if you need baseclass here but it couldn’t hurt
umsg.Start(“call_vgui”, ply)

–And to set a player’s model:

function GM:PlayerSpawn(ply)
ply:SetModel(“models/Player/Group01/male_01.mdl”) --Model you want when you spawn.
end [/lua]

umsg.Start arguments are the unique id, and the player to send to.
If you skip the player part it sends it to all players.

Where you’ve got [lua]self.BaseClass:PlayerInitialSpawn(ply)[/lua] you need to have [lua]self.BaseClass.PlayerInitialSpawn(self,ply)[/lua] because [lua]object:func(…)[/lua] is just a shorthand for [lua]object.func(object, …)[/lua] and what you’re essentially doing is [lua]self.BaseClass.PlayerInitialSpawn(self.BaseClass, ply)[/lua]