What modeling programs will run on my system?

Well, I want to go and try modelling but I don’t want to try every program to see if it works, I already tried 3DS Max and it doesn’t work, which modelling programs will run on this?


How many Ghz is that CPU, it doesn’t say there. Single or dual?

I can’t see why you couldn’t run 3dsMax, it’s not that heavy piece of software.

Blender is fine.

Where can I find the Ghz?

And about the 3ds max thing, the installer said that it couldn’t run with my graphics card and refused to install.


Ok, I’ll try that

Blender will definitely run. I used it on a Pentium 3. It worked, although I never tried anything overly-complex on that computer.

I have a Pentium4 1.8ghz with a Radeon 9400GT video card with 512mb ram, and 1gb memory ram. Blender works awesome, and it owns 3DSMax in every way. User-friendlier, easier to use, what is the most awesome, FREE!