What movie editing software is good for gmod?

Hey there guys,

I forgot to ask this question before but I think now might be a good time. I may be now getting into Gmodding, but the only movie editing software I have so far are the Windows Live Movie Maker and the regular Movie Maker to make my videos and I can feel that it’s still not good in a way.

I want to know that if there are other editing softwares out there that I can use for my gmod videos rather than the ones I have now. I know Sony Vegas Pro is among the best, but I couldn’t afford it right now. Also I want to know if there are movie editing software that I can download in the internet because that one helps too.

Please help me…

Anything is better than windows live movie maker.

Well, I’m considering that Live movie maker is going to be my first step of the gmod editing…

I can agree with you that I need anything better than that, but I don’t know which one.

Vegas Pro is your best option. It’s actually cheaper than you think.

Don’t get the latest version (11), as it’s very buggy. I’d go for 9, or maybe 10.

It’s worth all the money.

EDIT: And before you start making videos you should practice posing first, assuming you haven’t.

Sony Vegas 9, my reason for an older version being 10+ and Movie Studio HD or whatever force all this stuff on you and break the tradition. Sony Vegas also has a fairly short learning curve, but it tends to have this weird blackscreen issue when it renders, and it takes a long while to render.

Premiere Pro, however also is good, but editing isn’t as easy as Vegas. Rendering is much faster though. If you’re willing to take a little longer to learn, go for Premiere.

And spend at least 5 hours learning both before you post ANYTHING.

If you want to create a difficult and great looking machinnimas, you should try Adobe After Effects CS5.
But if you need just to edit and upload videos, or make simple machinimas, you should try Sony Vegas. I prefer 11 version, because it’s kinda optimized but… yes it’s buggy. Try version 8. Most stable version.


Sony Vegas
Adobe After Effects
Adobe premiere

After effects is more for effects, as the name implies. It’s for flashy titles (and things like that), effects, superimposition and such. Vegas and premiere are MUCH less centered on effects (unless you enjoy filterrape) and concentrate more on splicing/dicing clips and sounds and arranging them as desired.

So if you’re editing something, start with your raw footage, import it to after effects, create your flashy effects or motion tracking or whatever, then render that. Import that in to Vegas/Premiere, arrange/splice/dice/dub/whatever and render final.

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That’s only assuming you want effects and stuff though. I’ve found it incredibly hard to use after effects with games without it looking/feeling outright weird, but it’s probably just me.