What my server is capable of

This is just some of what it’s capable of, if I were to do this on other servers it would lag them out and maybe crash em

Some servers can accually keep up with it and wont lag like heck but very few are free.

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“but very few are free”


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since you’re waving your server e-peen around here’s my server for comparison, running acf / the rest of that shit.

pretty beefy though, fucker starts srcds in 5 seconds.

[sp]nice lan server lol[/sp]

ooohh me me me! Mines bigger!!

I envy you.

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wait what’s that character at the beginning of your host name? you fuckin up alphabetical sorting?

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not that it matters, you’re no. 1 anyway

It’s a little check mark emoji thing.

it actually puts me at the bottom with alphabetical sorting now that I think about it

Ranked first, DarkRP… No surprises there.

Real owners use Fruit Per Second to calculate how good their server is

My laptop makes a great room heater during winter.

I got a microwave
does that count?

As I said, you need to bring your server up to parity by using some sort of prop protection and some of those tools I was referring to.

Just saying “it’s really strong!” isn’t going to entice people if there’s the everpresent threat of your shit being stolen or destroyed while you’re working on it.

Im going to add prop protection later, And what I did in that video is just a small amount of what server is capable of, I’ve done that on a few servers and it crashed them or lagged em to the point where they had to restart. I just put what it’s capable of im not putting it to get people to join, though I wish that would happen, I just put it because alot of retards paying hundreds of dollars that can barly run half as much as that.

that’s just a “small amount” of what the server can handle? the server almost fucking crashed when you unfroze the second stack.

two stacks of props shouldnt lag any server down to the point of crashing unless it’s overloaded as fuck, so that’s a crock of shit.

and my server is around $80, and can handle pretty much 5x as much as your server. am i retarded?

You run TTT on 33 tick tho right? Seems like not many TTT servers run at 66 tick.

Server didnt almost crash, my laptop is junk, Ive been on a crap load of servers that I spawn even one stack of 200+ props and it crashes it, I can spawn 15-20 stacks of 200+ props with out server lagging out, unfreezing stuff some times causes lag but that’s because I need to fix one of the configs, lua errors but after it is unfroozen it runs smoothly no probem and If you want me to prove it I will make video of 10+ stacks "After unfreezing the first 4 I started lagging because of crappy laptop but it wasnt untill I unfrooze the 6th stack and blew up the barrels on it I crashed Client side, not server.

I had a 30 tank war going on a days ago and there was praticly no lag, even with ACF cannon fire. Though that was when I had it on russian lobby, when I removed it lost most of the players.

Btw for all the people saying their host is better, you probably pay 50-100 dollars, I pay nothing.

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Btw 1 more thing I forgot to include, think of the orignal source engine, was it ment to support 800+ parts moving all in differnt directions? If it were A cars body or something then I could probably spawn hundreds of them because they are for the most part solid not bending around and parts flying all over the place.

Btw for the person who said real server owners test theirs with melons Im doing a video now of how much melons the server can support.

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80 dollars for yours 0 dollars for mine, And guess what I only put 2 stacks and it lagged on unfreezing but after that lagged stop even with them moving. 2 stacks = 400 moving parts in all differnt directions, post a video of your server not lagging on that. I dare yah.

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Got one I spawned lots of melons, lagged because of my laptop and client side crashed near the end but server was still going just fine.

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I was able to rejoin after that without server crashing

logs near the end

Player codylewiz has left the server.
Dropped codylewiz from server (Disconnect by user.)
Client “codylewiz” connected (

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Btw what I put there is showing crash resistant, lag - How fast is your computer, most people play with simi decent computers, im on a lenovo with older intel junk in it, not ment for gaming. If I had faster one I can practically gerentee you that I would be able to spawn more. Btw not uploading melon video because of slow internet , might tomorrow.

What are you trying to prove?

Nothing really, I was just showing what a free server is capable of, most people pay 50+ dollars for a server like this, I was just trying to say above that it’s my laptop that is slowing down not server, I did that test with people on the ones with good computers didnt have any lag.

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Btw another thing to state, the fast download server is the same box that that server is running off downloads a 50mb map in 10 seconds flat, I have had a few people say that this server has the best loading times they have seen. Unless your running at a crap connection, like I am you will be joining and on the server in less then 30 seconds and another thing I found I have a 150mb map downloads that in less then a minute.

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yes sure seams like it

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hmm problem with that statement I’ve been on about 50 so far that do so…

And those servers I have been on all cost about 20-30 dollars

i already posted a video with 800 flopping around?

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if you’re paying $30 a month for a server like the one you recorded then yeah you’re an idiot, i wouldn’t pay $5.


Why has codylewiz made this thread? All its telling me is that I would never join one of his servers and that he is very immature.
He should probably refrain from making further posts like this in future.