What MYSQL Plugin do you suggest?

If you would make a RP Gamemode, and used MySQL to store data.

What kind of MySQL plugin would you use for the gamemode?

Post your suggestion and a link to it’s threat.

This will help me decide :slight_smile:

Do you need to use the data outside of your server? If so, use MySQLOO (can be found in the Binary Modules Release forum).

Otherwise, use SQLite (comes with gmod).

Thanks for this! I’ll probably use it

I use plain MySQL module… It might not be the fastest. But hell. It works.

TMySQL or MySQLoo, MySQLoo is faster, but TMySQL fits my needs way better, and I didn’t really like MySQLoo for some weird reasons :>

Mysql Module will cause you’re server to crash at times etc.

I personally don’t recommend using any kind of sql unless you need your data on a different computer. All it does is create problems.
Saving to file is much much faster.

No it isn’t.

Prove it, with the default SQLite functions.
You people always say that but never have anything to back it up with.

Alright, let me code something and I will post the results later.